Extra Deep Fitted Sheets Made From the Finest Fabrics

Our fitted sheets combine both comfort and style and have a depth of at least
36cm, making them the perfect choice for a deep mattress. Our fitted sheets
are elasticated all the way around so they'll fit snug on nearly any mattress
 (plus it makes popping them on a doddle).
 Woven with love and care by our friends in Portugal, choose between luxurious
100% cotton fitted sheets or relaxed 100% linen. Our fitted sheets have
matching pillowcases and act as the perfect partner to our bed linen designs.

Fitted Sheet Fabulousness

A fitted sheet is a staple for your linen cupboard. Whether you're a plain white sheet kinda gal, or prefer to hide a surprise pop of colour underneath your duvet cover, we have a wide range of fabrics and colours to suit every style. With a generous depth of 36cm as standard, our fitted sheets are available in all UK sizes from single to emperor, and we also sell a few Euro size options too. Elasticated all the way round, our fitted sheets will stay snug on your mattress all night long.

Fitted sheets, also sometimes known as bottom sheets, are designed to sit on top of the mattress to protect it, and also to give a lovely soft layer for you to sleep on. Our fitted sheets are elasticated all the way round to ensure a snug fit on your mattress to stay put all night long.

Standard 36cm – Suitable for mattress depth of up to around 28cm with room to comfortably tuck your fitted sheet underneath.
Extra Deep 40cm – Suitable for mattress depths of up to around 32cm with room to tuck your sheet underneath. This depth is available exclusively in our White Luxury Cotton 600 Thread Count Fitted Sheet and White 100% Linen Fitted Sheet

To choose the correct size fitted sheet, you'll need to measure the dimensions of your mattress, including the depth. Standard UK sizes include single, double, king, super king and emperor, and we have two different depths here at Secret Linen Store. Please refer to our size guide for help choosing the right sheet for your bed.

This can be a tricky problem, especially when you're tired and desperate to climb into bed. We make it nice and easy by always sewing our labels on the same corner of every fitted sheet, no matter the size - the bottom right corner. Easy peasy!

Our fitted sheets are elasticated all the way around the bottom so they'll fit snugly on nearly any mattress.

Having multiple bed sheets and pillowcases to choose from is a fabulous idea, not only to mix up your style, but it means you can swap them around to also rest the fibres in your bedding between use. To keep your fitted sheets looking and feeling fresh and fabulous for longer, we suggest a minimum of three beautiful sets - meaning you can use, wash and rest your sheets in an easy cycle for you to manage (yes please for anything easy!) and to help prevent pilling.

Don’t forget to also let your bedding and fitted sheets breathe. While we cherish tidiness as much as anyone and not making your bed first thing in the morning might feel a little odd, keeping your bed linen pulled back for a touch longer will allow the fabric of your sheets to breathe and keep them feeling fresh as can be. Like our other bed linen products, our extra deep fitted sheets are machine washable, at 30-40 degrees depending on the fabric.

Only iron if you must, or for a crisper look. We recommend ironing fitted sheets on the bed to help with those tricky corners, but test first if you have a polyester topper or mattress in case the iron sticks.

Fitted sheets are notoriously tricky to fold but we think we have finally mastered it. The key is to match the sewn corners rather than the elasticated edges. Take a look here for more instructions.