Fitted Bed Sheets Made From the Finest Fabrics

Our fitted sheets are the ultimate in comfort and style. All of our fitted sheets have a depth of at least 36cm, making them the perfect choice for a deep mattress, but we've elasticated them all the way around so they'll fit snug on nearly any mattress (plus it makes popping them on a doddle). Woven with love and care by our friends in Portugal, choose between luxurious 100% cotton fitted sheets or relaxed 100% linen. Our fitted sheets have matching pillowcases and act as the perfect partner to our bed linen designs.
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Super Versatile Extra Deep Fitted Sheets

Fitted Sheet Freshness and Fabulousness

Having multiple sheet and pillowcase options to choose from is a fabulous idea, not only to mix up your style, but means you can swap them around to also rest the fibres in your bedding between use. A minimum of three beautiful sets will mean you can use, wash and rest your sheets in an easy cycle for you to manage (yes please for anything easy!)

Don’t forget to also let your bedding breathe. While we cherish tidiness as much as anyone and not making your bed first thing in the morning might feel a little odd, keeping your bed linen pulled back for a touch longer will allow the fabric of your sheets to breathe and keep it feeling fresh as can be.