Bed Linen Storage Bags

To continue reducing waste and helping the planet, we have created our Cotton Linen Storage Bags using off-cuts of fabric from our twill cotton linen curtains. Lovingly named Bobby, we will be keeping our bed linen sets in these, but they can be used for storing toys or keeping your bathroom toiletries all in one place.

Big Hooray for Bobby Bags

A fabulous 'scrap buster', Bobby Cotton Linen Storage Bags are available in three different colours - blush pink, olive green and French blue. They're super heroes in your laundry cupboard and are ever so cute to use as wrapping for a bed linen gift.

Bobby bed linen storage bags are designed to help you keep your bed linens organised and easily accessible. By storing your bed linen sets in dedicated bags, you can keep full sets together (no more searching for missing pillowcases!) and prevent your bed linen from becoming wrinkled and dusty. The bags also provide a space-saving solution, allowing you to stack or store your linens vertically, maximising storage space.

While primarily designed for bed linens, Bobby bags are versatile and can be used for many other purposes as well. They work beautifully for storage and organisation of towels, blankets, or seasonal clothing items. They also make a fabulous reusable gift bag, especially if the gift is some lovely Secret Linen Store bed linen.

Bobby bags are a generous 75 x 45cm offering enough storage space for one full set of bed linen.