Love Your Bed Even More with Our Beautiful Bedspreads

Our wonderfully cosy bedspreads and bed quilts, woven from quality 100% cotton, are available in a couple of different sizes.  Most of our quilts measure in at 230 x 260cm and will fit any standard king or super king bed, however we also have a couple of options for smaller beds as well as some emperor sized quilts for our customers with the biggest beds.  Browse our current collection below.

Quality Quilts for the Best Bed Time

Our bedspreads and quilts are not only cosy and stylish additions to your bedroom, but also woven from the highest quality 100% cotton. With a whole range of pretty colours to choose from we're confident you'll find just the quilt for you in our collection.

Bedspreads are primarily large and decorative and are designed to cover the entire bed, while a quilt is generally a little smaller and perhaps a bit thicker providing both decorative and functional warmth. A quilt is traditionally made up of two layers of fabric with a sandwich of batting in the middle although some of our quilts are constructed using a different technique with strings rather than batting. Our larger quilts can easily be used as a bedspread on a smaller bed.

The purpose of a bedspread is to add a decorative layer to the bed and enhance the overall aesthetic of the bedroom. Bedspreads cover the entire bed, including the pillows and mattress, and are primarily used for visual appeal, creating a polished and finished look.