Which curtains are best for you?

Curtains can be quite the conundrum. They are not covered in the school curriculum and choosing a pair of curtains for the first time can be really very daunting. We are proud to say that since launching our very first curtains 4 years ago we have become quite the experts. Read on for help with choosing which curtains will be best for you...

Consider the purpose

Before diving into the wonderful world of curtain options, it’s important to consider where the curtains are going and what function they are going to have. Are you looking for something that will primarily provide privacy, or do you need to block out light, add a decorative touch, or a combination of all of these?

Different rooms might need different types of curtain. A bedroom curtain will likely need to block out as much light as possible so we’d recommend a lined curtain at the very least, or a blackout for complete darkness.

If the curtains are only needed to give some privacy or filter light coming in through a window, then you might just be looking for a simple and sheer 100% linen panel. Linen curtains can add warmth to your décor, help soften noise in a room and generally just make a room feel ‘finished’. They’re a fun and inexpensive way to add intrigue and a pop of colour – it’s easy to be bold and try new things with a pair of bright new curtains.

Fabulous fabrics

The fabric that you choose will make a big difference to how your curtain looks and whether it does what you need it to do.

  • 100% linen – linen offers a relaxed and natural look and has a drape to die for. The open weave will give your space texture while also letting in a beautiful, filtered light.
  • Twill – twill has a bit more structure than linen, with a closer weave. An unlined twill curtain will block out a little more light than 100% linen.
  • 100% cotton – our cotton curtains are a fabulous option if you’re working to a budget. The twill cotton will allow some light through whereas the cotton canvas will give a more solid coverage for your window.

Lined or unlined? Blocking out light is only one reason to use a lined curtain. They can also add a little insulation to your window and a cosier feel to your room. Our blackout curtains keep warmth in and help reduce draughts, making them a bit of a superstar in the winter months.

Be conscious that if you are hanging unlined garment-dyed curtain panels – as most of our 100% linen panels are – in a very sunny spot, they can lose colour over time. Lined curtains can be a better choice if you have a window that is in full sunlight for a lot of the day.

Choosing colours 

Once you’ve decided on the function and fabric, you then need to think about colour. Are you looking to keep your décor neutral or do you want a bright injection of colour?   

A classic neutral is a good place to start if you’re not looking to make a statement and would like your curtain colour to blend in with your walls. We have various options – both lined and unlined – in grey or brown tones, in both 100% linen or our signature cotton linen twill. Timeless and versatile, the Scandi look is not going anywhere and is known for its calming effects, perfect for a bedroom. 

However, many people may choose to make a curtain a focal point in a room. Adding a colourful curtain is a simple way to add some personality and tie your colour choices together. We have 100% linen curtain panels available in almost every colour imaginable as well as blackout curtains in a range of subtle and pretty colours.   

Length and style 

Lastly, how you want your curtains to look? Do you want soft and flowy or something a little more modern and structured? Do you want a big, generous gather or a more simple, ‘pared back’ look? How about length – skimming the floor or pooling? 

100% linen will give you a lovely natural drape with soft and flowing lines. Our linen curtains are mostly loop tops which are effortless to install and have a simple relaxed look. They are available in several long lengths giving you flexibility with how you want yours to hang. A simple construction, they are also very easy to alter if you’d prefer a shorter style. 

We have also recently introduced our new eyelet style curtain which is super easy to install and offers a more modern option with more defined pleats. 

Our blackout curtains are all a more traditional pencil pleat style and you can choose a wider curtain panel to give you a fuller and more generous gather. You can read more here about how to measure for your new curtains to get the look you want. 

Just remember… 

Choosing the right curtains needs a little thought and consideration but needn’t be an overwhelming task. There’s no wrong or right answer and remember, nothing is forever and you might even want to have a couple of options to change throughout the year. Just as your heavier duvet and darker, more snuggly bedding might be stowed away during the summer months, you may want to switch out your curtains for the seasons too. Why not choose a light linen to give a bright and breezy air to your room during the summer and add a darker, more cosy curtain, such as our darkest spruce twill, for the wintertime?   

Our lovely Customer Smile Makers are here to help with advice and recommendations if you need them. We are very happy to send you out some fabric samples if you’d like to see and feel the fabric in your space before committing to a purchase.