Shop Our Glorious Green Curtains

Choose from our simple loop top or blackout pencil pleat green curtains, in a shade to suit every room, from soothing Olive Green to Darkest Spruce. These curtains are simply a delight to hang at any window or door, and with the easy to care for nature of all our curtains, you can be sure they're the perfect pairing for your bedroom or living space.

Glorious Green

Bring the outside in with a splash of green at your window. . Associated with nature, renewal, and tranquillity, green is an excellent choice for creating a calming and soothing atmosphere in a room. Whatever the shade - darkest spruce, sage, duck egg, moss green or olive - green curtains can add a refreshing pop of colour to any decor style. Green curtains work well in both contemporary and traditional settings, and they can be paired with a variety of colour schemes.

Green is a versatile colour that can be combined with various hues to create the perfect look for your snooze spot. For a fresh and vibrant look, pair green curtains with white or cream tones, which will help enhance the green's natural brightness. For a calming atmosphere, try combining your green curtains with earthy tones like cumin, natural or cafe au lay. For a bolder contrast, consider pairing green with complementary colours such as shades of blush pink, vintage rose or spice.

Green curtains can work well in small spaces or rooms with limited natural light, but it's essential to choose the right shade of green. Lighter shades of green, such as our sage stripe linen or olive green twill, will help create a sense of openness and brightness, making a small space feel larger and airier. Additionally, using sheer or lightweight green curtains can allow natural light to filter through, brightening up the room. Or if you'd like to create a cosy sanctuary, then why not bring in a deep dark colour like our darkest spruce linen.