Shut Out the World with Our Green Blackout Curtains

We've been asked for blackout curtains to complement our bed linen for as long as we can remember, so here they are. Our blackout ready made curtains are perfect for bedrooms, keeping the daylight out until you're ready to let it in, but they look great anywhere in your home. Designed with a substantial blackout lining and a classic pencil pleat, these will block out the light and hang beautifully. They're made with love and care alongside our bed linens so we know how great the quality is. Not sure where to start with curtains? Pop over and peruse our handy guide to measuring and hanging your curtains.

Gorgeous and Calming Greens

Green has long been known to be a calming and gentle colour for curtains. Bring nature in, but block the light out with these pretty green blackout twill curtains.

Twill is a textile weave characterised by a diagonal pattern on the fabric's surface. Our twill curtains all have a 100% linen yarn woven with an off-white cotton yarn to give our unique colour combinations. Twill is known for its durability and strength and it also drapes well with a soft and smooth texture.

The blackout lining on these curtains will not allow any light through the fabric. You will need to make sure that your curtains are the right size and are hung properly to ensure that no light leaks around the edges of the curtain. Read more about measuring and installing your curtains here.

When choosing your curtain size, it's important to measure the width and length of your windows accurately. For width, curtains should typically be 1.5 to 2 times the width of the window for a full and luxurious look. Then you'll need to choose a length that gives you the look you're going for. The majority of our curtains are long but do you want them to hang just above the floor, or pool on the floor a little (this is particularly effective with a sheer linen curtain)? Read here for more instructions about how to measure up for your new curtains.