Goods For Good

As much as we do our very best to create as little waste as possible here at Secret Linen Store, it’s unavoidable that we end up with some items that can’t be sold.  Maybe the colour isn’t quite to spec, there is a small flaw or the sizing isn’t absolutely perfect.  Or perhaps we simply overestimated how many we would sell.  But just because we can’t sell them, doesn’t mean that they can’t be put to very good use indeed.  But how do we get this surplus stock on to those beds that need it?

This is where Goods For Good becomes a part of our bedtime story…

It’s a sad reality that millions of people beset by poverty, tragedy or disaster live without basic goods such as clothing, medicines, blankets or hygiene products.

Goods For Good sources and delivers large quantities of these basic goods to pre-identified communities in need. In other words, they take essential items that are surplus to requirements in their current location and send them to where they are needed.  Bed linen is included in this list and we are so grateful that our ‘trash’ can be someone else’s treasure.

Goods For Good’s powerful infrastructure enables these products to get where they’re needed remarkably efficiently.  They collect goods together and store them locally in UK-based warehouses and at their shipping hub in the Netherlands.  This means that they are ready to go when there’s a match made between a vulnerable community and their requested goods and the charity works with their international shipping partners to ensure the loads arrive safely.  Once the donations are in-country, Goods For Good works with other registered charities on the ground who supervise the fair and transparent distribution of goods to those in need. 

We are tickled pink to share that our most recent donations have gone to 13 different charities: two overseas in Poland and Ukraine and the rest in the UK.  In this country the donations have gone to Ukrainian evacuees, refugees, and asylum seekers, including students. The bed linen has also been distributed to homeless organisations that have temporary housing to help the homeless off the street and into jobs and their own accommodation, as well as vulnerable single mums and families.

We believe that this is one small way that we can continue to help reduce waste, at the same time as donating much-needed supplies to those in need.  Small steps to a better world.