Easy-Breezy Sheer Linen Curtains

Welcome laid-back luxe into your home with our ready-made natural linen curtains. Designed with a loop top for fuss-free hanging, all of our linen voile curtains are woven in Portugal from top-quality French flax and laundered to super-soft perfection. The sheer, light and airy fabric is ideal for providing privacy while still letting a little natural light bathe the room, plus every colour co-ordinates effortlessly with our lovely bed linen. Once you've found your perfect match, find out how to hang and care for your ready made linen curtains.
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Mix and Match Linen Curtains for Layers You’ll Love

Styling Linen Curtains for a Perfect Layered Look

Create a bold or elegant accompaniment to your room’s style by adding as many single linen curtain panels as you like in complementary layers. Choosing three or five curtains is a good place to start.

To perfect the layered look, add two curtain poles (you can buy double curtain poles for exactly this), hanging one nearer the window and one in front. If using these double layers, mix your colours for depth, like our Cream Linen Curtains, Vintage Rose and Café au Lay Curtains for a dreamy feminine feel.