Luxury Bed Sheets, Deep Fitted For A Great Sleep

All of our wonderful deep bed sheets are designed by us and made with love and care in Portugal. We have patterned, plain and striped bed sheets so there really is something for everyone. Not only do they look great, but they feel amazing too, which is why we only use 100% cotton or 100% linen fabric for our luxury bed sheets. We have bed sheets to suit all of our designs, and we have pillowcases and valances to match all of our sheets. Great bed sheets for a great sleep.

Perfect Your Bedroom Set Up With Our Bed Sheets

We know that often it's the duvet cover and pillowcases that steal the show, but choosing the perfect bed sheets to complement them is also essential. Learn more about our range of bed sheets below.

Choosing the perfect fabric for your bed is a personal decision but one we feel we're qualified to help with. We always recommend natural fibres, such as cotton, linen and hemp because these will be comfortable and breathable ensuring a sounder sleep all round. Cotton is a popular and traditional choice because of its longevity and softness, whereas linen has remarkable temperature-regulating properties which make it a fabulous choice. Take a look at our Bed Linen Buying Guide for more info.

When it comes to sheets, we would say that the higher you can afford to go, up to 1000 thread count is the best option. Your sheets will have more wear and tear than your duvet cover, and the stronger the fabric, the longer it will last. If you have any specific questions relating to thread counts, you can drop Molly a line at As a Textile Designer, she has a wealth of experience, and could talk about it for hours. Really, she can…Zzzzz.

If you haven't yet mastered your hospital corners and like making the bed to be a quick and easy task, then we would recommend a fitted sheet. Elasticated all the way round with sewn-in corners, our fitted sheets are designed to hug your mattress securely and stay put all night long. However for versatility you can't beat a flat sheet: use over your mattress, as a lightweight cover on a hot night, or even as a throw for a sofa or makeshift tablecloth. Read more about our sheets here.

The standard depth of a bed sheet is usually 30cm to fit the most common depth of mattress, however at Secret Linen Store, we like to give extra comfort with no fuss, so make all our sheets deep fitted to a drop of 36cm. This means they'll fit snug around any mattress and you can sleep safe in the knowledge your sheets won't move around. We also have extra deep fitted sheets at a drop of 40cm in double, king, super king and emperor for the deepest mattresses of all. We've got you covered.

How often you change your bed sheets very much depends on the time of year, whether you're a hot sleeper or not, whether you share your bed and how particular you are about your sheets being fresher than fresh. We would normally recommend changing your sheets every 1-2 weeks, but if you'd like to work out exactly how often you should refresh your bed then why not use our handy Clean Sheets Calculator (link)?