Caring for Your Curtains

As well as being incredibly stylish and made from some of the loveliest fabrics, our curtains are also very easy to take of. With a little ongoing care and attention, they very rarely need washing, and even when they do, they are generally very easy to launder and will be back at your window with minimal fuss.

Day to day curtain care

It’s a good idea to dust or vacuum your curtains regularly to keep them looking fresh and mark-free. Simply use a feather duster or vacuum hose and work your way from top to bottom making sure to get into all the nooks and crannies.

If you have pets you may need to use a lint roller or fabric brush to remove any stubborn pet hair from the fabric.

If you happen to get a mark or stain on your curtains it’ll be much easier to remove if you deal with it promptly. General advice is to blot the stain with some gentle detergent and a clean, white cloth or paper towel but please refer to our fabulous stain removal guide for more specific guidance. Avoid using any harsh chemicals or bleach as they can damage the fabric.

If you have unlined curtains and they are exposed to direct sunlight, we recommend you open and close them regularly to ensure even sun exposure and prevent patchy discolouration.

Washing your loop top or eyelet cotton or linen curtains

Our loop top curtains are made from the same lovely fabric that we use for our bed linen so can be laundered in much the same way. They are simple to remove from the pole and can be washed in the machine at 30-40 degrees as often as the mood strikes. We recommend hanging them on the line or as flat as possible to reduce creases. The curtains can be tumble-dried, but they may crumple a bit during the process. However, if they do pick up the odd crease then they’re a doddle to iron. Easy peasy.

Make sure that you only use a gentle detergent with no nasties in it (no thank you, optic whiteners!) to keep the colour of your curtains bright and true.

Washing your blackout pencil pleat curtains

When you feel your blackout pencil pleat curtains are ready for a wash, you will need to take them down and remove all the hooks. (We like to take a photo and measurement of how the hooks were placed so we can quickly replace them when they’re ready to re-install.)

These curtains need a little more care, so we always recommend taking them along to your local cleaner for a clean, following the instructions on the label. They'll have them back to you in no time looking as good as new. If your curtains come back with any creases, these should fall out in a couple of weeks, or a light steam will have them out in a jiffy.

If you choose to wash the curtains at home, we recommend you dry them with no creases on the line or as flat as possible. If you decide to iron them, we recommend you pull the lining away from the feature fabric and whip a cool iron over the front fabric only to get them looking tip-top. Please don’t iron the lining as this may damage the blackout fabric.

If you need any more help with taking care of your curtains please do get in touch with our helpful Customer Smile Makers and they’ll be delighted to answer your questions.