Our Amazing Cotton Towel Sets

Every one of us uses a towel every single day. Just like our bed linen, they are an important part of our daily lives that we probably give little attention to. It’s been our job here to find you towels that dry your body, dry themselves and feel great on your skin every single day.

There is only one thing that comes close to that feeling of slipping into clean sheets at the end of a long day, and that’s a long relaxing bath with good tunes and a scented candle (or seven), so we decided that a carefully curated range of 100% cotton towels would be a great addition.

We asked you what you wanted, and many of you said that a towel set to match your bed linen would be just the ticket. So here we are, a range of super soft towels that are the exact match for some of our best bed linens, and a collection of waffle towels that are a little bit special... read on to find out why.

Setting out on our hunt for towels was easy and difficult all at the same time. Here’s why… I (Molly) have been making towels for other high street stores for many years, before Secret Linen Store was even an idea. This meant I knew exactly where to go for the best service, the most absorbent cotton towels, and a little bit of innovation. We wanted to bring you something new and different… but surely a towel is just a towel? Well, it turns out there's more to towels than meets the eye. There are all sorts of combinations of colours, twists, trims, patterns and weights.

When I wandered into the factory for the first time, I had a tick list of what we wanted our towels to be. We knew we wanted a collection that was super absorbent, soft and cosy. Heavy towels are a luxury, and if you’re looking for a super soft, thick towel they are exactly what you’ll need, but practically they’re bulky, take a long time to dry and use more energy to wash. As a busy mum, living in a small space, I also wanted to find lighter options that were still comfy, absorbent, great for washing, storing and drying, all while looking great in our bathrooms.

The weight of a towel is measured in gsm (grams per square metre). Towels can be made in any weight from 150gsm (very thin) up to 900gsm (extremely heavy). It is not just the weight of the towel that determines how absorbent it is. We need to take into account the quality and suitability of the cotton, along with the weaving. The quality of the cotton that’s used in a towel is vital for its longevity and absorbency. We use a long staple cotton yarn which is just as good quality as Egyptian cotton but without the price tag. Cotton is a natural fibre, and long staples are important for making soft and beautiful towels. The cotton that we use comes tried and tested. Made with love and care at our great factory in Portugal, who themselves have been making towels for over 50 years.

Luxury Cotton Towels

We searched far and wide to find the very best towels, the ones that make getting out of the bath or shower as much of a treat as getting in. Say hello to our Luxury Cotton Towels. Woven from 100% cotton, these towels are lovingly combed to remove any short, brittle threads that might cause fraying or unravelling, so you can love them for longer. This additional process also makes these bath time towels feel even softer than regular cotton and more absorbent. Their chunky 600gsm weight gives extra fluffiness, perfect for a pamper session at home, but not so ideal for fitting in a gym bag or taking to the beach (our waffle towels are great for this though).

These towels are available in a range of colours to complement our bed linen: white, charcoal, French blue, vintage rose, darkest spruce, sage, pebble grey and mustard yellow.

Super Hero Cotton Towels

Now these are something rather special. For those of you looking for a squishable towel to make every bath time feel like a spa experience, let us introduce you to our Super Hero towels. Woven from the finest cotton and with a weight of 800gsm, they are super thick, super soft, super fluffy and super absorbent. These sumptuous towels are also carefully combed to remove shorter fibres that are the common culprits behind fraying or unravelling. This means that shower after shower and bath after bath you can still expect the same outstanding quality, durability, and absorbency.

Available in five sizes, from face cloths to jumbo bath sheets and in a choice of two versatile colours, pure, bouncing white and our best-selling charcoal, which is a perfect match for our Charcoal Luxury and Charcoal 100% Linen bed linens.

Waffle Towels

Cocoon yourself in comfort with our wonderful waffle towels. Soft and absorbent, these airy bath towels are woven from the finest cotton yarns to create a quick-drying towel that's not just kind to your skin, but also the planet. Washing and machine drying towels uses a lot of energy, a machine full of towels every two days uses around 440kg of CO2e… this is the same amount of energy as a return flight from London to Glasgow, with a taxi ride at each end. We know our towels need washing (and fairly often too) but as these towels are lighter and thinner, at 420gsm, you can fit more in each wash. This means fewer loads, less household energy used and a smaller carbon footprint. That’s very good news indeed.

A standout choice for hanging by the sink or folding over your bathtub (or even popping in your gym bag). Mix and match between our five colours to create your own custom bale or match with your favourite bed linens in moss green, vintage roseFrench blue, graphite grey or white.

Once you’ve found the perfect colour, thickness and size for you, you’ll want to keep your towels looking tip-tip. Make sure to check out our handy guide for keeping your towels feeling fluffy, super soft and absorbent.