How to choose your pillow

We talk a lot about sleep and the joys of beautiful, comfy bedding, but have you ever stopped to wonder if your pillow choice could be doing more for you? If you always wake up after a night of restless sleep with aches and pains in your neck, back or shoulders, or find yourself tossing and turning, it could be a sign that you need to replace your pillows or mattress with something more supportive.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the sleep benefits that choosing the perfect pillow can bring.

Supporting your body’s natural curves

If you find you struggle to get enough rest each night, then it’s possibly time to have a good think about your sleep pattern... do you fidget a lot during the night or keep rearranging your pillows? The Sleep Council says that a good pillow should support your head so that your neck and upper back are aligned, which means that if your pillow is too high or firm, or too soft and thin, it could curve your neck and leave you waking up feeling stiff or sore.

Getting a restful night’s sleep

The amount of sleep you get each night could also be adding to those pesky aches and pains. Your body does so many amazing things whilst you sleep so that you can wake up feeling rested and restored, which means not getting enough can interrupt these important processes, whilst too much can make your muscles feel tight.

If you generally suffer with neck pain or lower back issues, then you’ll be very familiar with how this can affect your quality of sleep, but even the thought or worry of struggling to drift off can keep you awake. Try making your bedroom feel as comfy-cosy as possible, so that you feel more relaxed and better supported. Some people find placing a pillow or cushion under their legs or lower back can also take some pressure off the muscles. And if you’ve been using the same flattened pillow for a few years now, it’s definitely time to consider if a new one might help you.

Choosing the best pillow for you

How do you choose between firm or soft, goose down or microfibre? Well, the decision is completely down to your preference. Think about the position you like to sleep in most, as side sleepers might need that extra layer of a second pillow to prop them up, or opt instead for a nice firm one, whilst front or back sleepers will find more comfort with a softer pillow.

For front sleepers, choose a pillow that’s super soft and feels as light as a cloud. Try our Hungarian Goose Feather & Down pillows and choose a medium fill. The same pillow with a firm fill might provide a little extra support for a back sleeper.

We think the best pillow for a side sleepers is The Big Softie, a luxurious microfibre choice that keeps its bounce and provides a wonderfully supportive cushion for the head and neck.

Get the most out of your bedding with proper care for longer lasting comfort – take a look at our guide on when to replace your bedding for more information.

If it’s time to replace your duvet or pillows, why not shop our full collection of luxurious bedding.