Proud as Punch to be B Corp Certified

What are B Corporations? 

Now, you might be wondering, "What exactly is a B Corporation?" Well, sit tight, snuggle into your favourite Secret Linen Store sheets, and we'll walk you through it. 

B Corporations, or B Corps for short (because who doesn't love a good abbreviation?), are companies that choose to balance purpose with profit. Just like balancing a perfect cup of tea in bed, they aim for a sweet spot where they can do good for the world while still running a successful business. 

They've basically taken the pledge to put people and planet on the same priority level as profit. We like to think of them as companies that wear superhero capes. They're here to save the day (and the earth), one business decision at a time.  

Becoming a B Corp isn't as easy as making the perfect bed. It involves rigorous assessments by a non-profit called B Lab. The goal? To ensure the company meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and legal accountability. It's a bit like getting a gold star, but for businesses. 

What's unique about B Corps is that they're legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. It's a big responsibility, and one we’re delighted to say that we have embraced and delivered over the last 17 months from start to finish. 

What are the core principles for B Corp assessment? 


Transparency is a must for B Corps, keeping everyone in the loop with open-book management, disclosing everything from their environmental footprint to their governance structures. Like peeking into a busy beehive, you get to see all the buzz happening inside!


B Corps are built on accountability, legally obliged to think about everyone, from their employees and suppliers to the local community and our beautiful planet. Imagine it as making sure everyone in the bedtime story gets their “happily ever after”.


Performance isn't just about who sells the most luxurious duvets or fluffiest pillows. For B Corps, it's about constantly striving to meet high standards for social and environmental impact. It's the business version of striving for that perfect, undisturbed eight hours of sleep we all crave.


B Corp certification is not an exclusive club, just like good sleep shouldn’t be. It's open to all businesses, regardless of their corporate structure or size. So whether you're a small local shop or a global conglomerate, you can still aspire to be a B Corp.


B Corps are dreamers, aspiring to be part of something bigger, to lead a global movement of people using business as a force for good. Imagine it as everyone working together to build the world's largest, most comfortable bed where everyone sleeps soundly.

The B Corporation community is growing, with over 4,000 companies from more than 70 countries around the globe. And yes, you guessed it, Secret Linen Store is now proud to be one of them.

So what about Secret Linen Store and B Corp?

By shopping with us, you're backing a business dedicated to doing good, making a difference, and continuing to make things better wherever we can. We can't thank you enough for that. 

We believe business can be a force for good. So, when you choose B Corps, you're not just shopping; you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want to live in. And we think that's pretty wonderful. 

Sleep tight, knowing you're making a difference with us.  

Molly, Harriet and Caroline (Head of People and Planet Kindness)