Flat Bed Sheets - The Linen Cupboard Essential

Oh how we love a flat sheet or top sheet as some like to call it. Whether you've mastered the art of 'hospital corners' and use them as a bottom sheet, or pop it under your duvet as a top sheet to save on washing, the versatility of flat bed sheets make them a must-have. Made with love in Portugal, all of our bed sheets are woven from cotton or linen and we never scrimp on quality. We have plain, patterned, striped and more to suit any bedroom style. Use a flat sheet to add a pop of colour or a splash of pattern to your bed and you can mix and match with any of our delightful bed linens. It's a cupboard essential.

Fabulous flat sheets

A flat sheet is one of the most versatile pieces of bed linen that you can add to your linen collection. Traditionally used as both a bottom and top sheet, flat sheets were the only sheet option until fitted sheets were invented in the 1950s. Nowadays flat sheets are more often than not an optional extra, used to add a splash of colour to your bed, or as a lightweight layer for summer months. A little bird also tells us that our flat sheets make a rather fabulous sofa cover or can even be repurposed as a tablecloth. Why not add one to your basket and see how useful it will be?

A flat sheet is a rectangular piece of fabric that is used as a first layer over your body beneath the blankets or duvet. It provides an extra layer of comfort, smoothness, and protection to your bedding.

A flat sheet is a simple rectangular piece of fabric, while a fitted sheet has sewn-in corners with elastic all the way round to make sure it fits snugly on your mattress. The purpose of a flat sheet is to provide an extra layer between you and your duvet or blankets, while a fitted sheet provides a secure fit and protection for your mattress.

Well you can use both! We would normally recommend a fitted sheet to go over your mattress and then a flat sheet can be used as a first layer underneath a duvet or blankets. A flat sheet is a wonderful cover for a hot night and can also be used as a throw to give your bed a pop of colour or additional texture.