Versatile and Timeless

White flat sheets offer a bedding option that complements any bedroom decor. With their crisp and clean appearance, they are fresh and inviting, whether used alone or in combination with other colours or patterns. Their simplicity makes them easy to maintain and keep looking pristine, adding a touch of elegance to your sleeping sanctuary.

Of course! If you prefer not to use a fitted sheet then you can use a flat sheet as a bottom sheet over your mattress instead. It's a good idea to check our size guide and your mattress depth to make sure the sheet you buy will be big enough. You may need to size up to have enough fabric to tuck in and keep your sheet in place.

This is a personal preference and also depends on the fabric. In our opinion, a linen sheet does not need ironing as the creases are part of linen's charm. A white cotton sateen will be less prone to wrinkling, especially if you avoid it getting too creased in the first place. A white cotton percale may need a bit of a press, but if you avoid filling your machine too full and then hang your sheet to dry, the creasing will be minimal and a quick iron should be sufficient.

To keep your white flat sheets bright, separate and wash them separately from coloured items using mild detergents in warm water. Hot water can contribute to discoloration so best to keep the temperature fairly low.

Promptly treat stains before laundering and avoid over-drying to prevent dullness or yellowing. It's a good idea to occasionally hang them in sunlight to naturally bleach and brighten. For stubborn stains, consider spot-treating with a mild bleach alternative or hydrogen peroxide. Investing in high-quality sheets made of durable materials - like ours! - can also contribute to their long-lasting whiteness.