Cool And Comfortable 100% Cotton Bedding Sets

There’s a reason so many people list fresh cotton sheets as one of the best feelings in the world. Soft, natural and breathable, sleeping in bedding made of 100% cotton will feel like a dream, as it keeps you warm and cosy during the winter and fresh and cool during the warmer months. Find your perfect partner in our cotton bed linen collection.

The benefits of cotton bedding

We have a few different types of cotton bedding to choose from, whether you're looking for classically crisp 100% cotton sheets, organic cotton for a more sustainable and ethical choice, or brushed cotton bed linen for those cooler months. We often get asked what makes our cotton bedding so good. Keep reading to find out more.

This can be boiled down to three wonderful qualities of cotton. Breathability - as a natural fabric, cotton is very breathable and can help regulate your body temperature at night, keeping you cool in summer and cosy in winter.
Soft and hypoallergenic - cotton's natural soft fibres also make it a great choice for sensitive skin and peaceful sleep.
Low maintenance - machine washable, and okay to pop in the tumble dryer, we love anything that involves fuss-free care.

This really depends on your preference, as each different type of cotton bedding in our collection has a slightly different feel. For smooth and silky choose cotton sateen bedding, while our cotton percale bed linen feels crisp and cool. For cosier times, our laundered soft bed linen is best and we love bringing out our brushed cotton bedding during autumn and winter. You can read more about how to choose the best cotton bedding for you here.

Cotton is simple to care for if you follow a few easy guidelines. See our Cotton Care Guide to keep your 100% cotton bedding in tip-top condition.