Molly's Guide To Layer Like A Pro

Hello everyone, and a warm welcome from me to my top tips for making your bed happy, cosy, beautiful and comfy with lots of lovely layers.

Adding a few extra textiles will make all the difference to your sleep and keep you as warm as toast. Layers are great for the Autumn and Winter to keep you snug, and as we welcome warmer weather, you can start to strip back layers until you find your perfect temperature.

There are many components to consider when making a bed, so here is my walk-through and top tips on dressing up for down time.

Colour Scheme

Let’s start with your colour pallete. I think of my bed as a picture that I colour in with patterns and texture. It could be green and naturals, or pink and white…mustard and grey? It's your choice, but more than one is a big tick from me.

Play With Patterns

Then to pattern, do you want to mix plains with stripes, or dots with bold patterns? I’m a big fan of stripes and plains on my bed; a mixture of both makes me smile and breaks up the blocks of either.

Let’s start with your bottom sheet first. It doesn’t need to match, or be plain, it just needs to fit and be within your colour scheme. I'd suggest trying one of our striped sheets underneath, it’s a lovely surprise when you pull back the duvet at bedtime.

Your duvet cover is next, plain or patterned, ironed or crumbled. Layer it on and you are ready to build on top.

Stack The Pillows High

So pillows… there’s always a debate on pillows. I’m going to say 6, yep, that’s 6 whole pillows.. 4 will be fine, as long as 2 of them are square. I can’t recommend this size highly enough, especially right now when we need to feel the comfort and magic in sinking into some big square pillows; it’s one luxury at the end of the day that will make bedtime feel better.

I love mixing pillowcases, going for 2 of each design…so I might have 2 plain pillows and then the square pillows in a striped case. As long as the colours go, mix them up and have some fun.

A Secret Tip...

If you take a scroll through our photography, you will often find that I have dressed the beds with one or 2 layers on top of the duvet. My secret tip for a lovely layer is adding a 100% linen flat sheet... this is a great way to add texture and colour to your bed. The best thing about this method is that it looks best when it’s literally thrown on top. Linen looks great because of the way that it reflects light and holds colour.

Time To Get Cosy

Next up it’s time to add some warmth. Pick from our wool or waffle and then add a big cosy throw and 1 (or 3) cushions on top.

And there you have it, sheets, duvet covers, pillows, linen layering and warm throws... is it bedtime yet?

Happy bed dressing all,
Molly x

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