Top-Notch Cotton Towel Sets and Towel Bales

The only thing that comes close to the feeling of sliding into fresh sheets is slipping into a hot bubble bath. So, here we have our Secret Linen Store cotton bath towel sets that are just as amazing quality as our bed linen, and just as soft too.

We wanted to make our bath towels luxurious, whilst still being great for everyday use, which is why we have three fantastic ranges. There's something to suit everyone, whether you go for our 600gsm plain luxury towels, our 800gsm Super Heroes or our wonderful waffle towels.  These towels are cosy, quick drying and made with less fabric, making them lighter for the washing machine (or line drying) and better for our planet. We’re always working hard to be kind to the earth and save you time too.

Bathroom Towels: An Everyday Luxury

An everyday luxury, our bathroom towels are known for their exceptional softness, absorbency, and durability. With their superior quality and attention to detail, Secret Linen Store towels and bales will be a beautiful addition to your bathroom decor and provide a sumptuous and pampering experience, whether you're a shower devotee or a lover of bath time.

Dead skin cells, bacteria, and even sweat can accumulate quickly on your bath towels and face cloths, so using a fresh one about every three days is a simple rule of thumb—for all kinds of towels. You can, of course, change them more often. Hanging your towel in a well ventilated space will help keep it fresh and odour-free between washes.

It's always important to run your new bath and hand towels through the washing machine before use as there might be a few remnants of the products used in the factory and we all know that a towel is more absorbent after a wash or two. 

When it comes to keeping your towels fresh for years to come, we recommend checking the labels for any special advice, but generally, our towels can be washed at 30-40 degrees and either tumbled or line-dried. 

For more top cleaning tips, read our blog on caring for your towels.

Waffle towels are a customer favourite for many reasons.

  • They provide excellent absorbency and quick-drying properties due to their unique waffle weave
  • Waffle towels are lightweight, compact and breathable, which makes them a great choice for those with limited storage or when travelling
  • These bathroom towels are practical and easy to care

Depending on the feel and bathroom experience you’re looking for will determine which size towel you need. 

  • A standard bath towel (140 x 70cm) will be an adequate size for most people
  • A bath sheet (150 x 100cm) will allow for a more luxurious bath time experience
  • For those of you who would like to 'supersize' your bath towel for maximum coverage then we would perhaps suggest going for a jumbo bath sheet (180 x 100cm)

Discover all bathroom towel and mat sizes in our towel size guide.

We have three different weights of towels, meaning we should have exactly what you're looking for. 

Our Super Hero towels are our highest quality range with a weight of 800gsm, with the luxury towels being a little lighter at 600gsm. 

Then, for those customers looking for a more ecological and lightweight option, we have our waffle towels which are much lighter but still ever so absorbent.

If you're a lover of luxury and simply want the best of the best, we recommend going for our Super Hero bathroom collection. Plush and soft, with a weight of 800gsm, there is nothing more gorgeous. 

If your budget is a little tighter, the Luxury cotton towel collection will be perfect. Still a weighty and substantial towel at 600gsm, our Luxury range comes in a rainbow of colours to suit every bathroom decor.

If you prefer to make a more sustainable choice or are considering a quick-drying and easy-care option, then our colourful Waffle 100% cotton towels might be just the range for you.