Our Perfect Pink Curtains

Oh how we love pink! Our perfect pink curtains look superb hung in any lucky window and with feminine, sophisticated tones, they promise to add warmth to your bedroom or living space. We have two pink curtains styles to choose from: loop top and pencil pleat, both made from the same high quality natural yarns as our bed linen. Which shade of pink will you choose?

Pretty in Pink

Pink curtains bring a touch of femininity, warmth, and playfulness to any space. From soft blush tones to bolder and vibrant hues, pink curtains can create a sense of romance and elegance, especially when paired with delicate fabrics and flowing textures. They work well in various interior design styles, such as shabby chic, bohemian, or contemporary, and can easily blend with neutral colour schemes or complement other pastel hues.

Pink is not just for girls. When recommending just the right pink for our male customers or for those wanting to avoid a sickly scenario, we generally suggest considering vintage rose which has stronger more masculine grey under tones. Alternatively our blush pink twill, combining pink linen with an off-white cotton, is the very palest pink and adds just a touch of warmth when combined with stronger deeper colours such as darkest spruce or black.

Pink curtains can work in a variety of room styles. They are a beautiful addition to romantic or feminine-themed spaces, adding a soft and delicate touch. They also work well in children's rooms, creating a playful and whimsical atmosphere. Additionally, pink curtains can be incorporated into eclectic or bohemian-inspired designs, providing a pop of colour and adding a unique charm.