Our Baby and Child Bedding Care Guide

Welcome to the Secret Linen Store's handy care guide for our baby and child bedding range. Whether you're washing organic cotton sheets, duvet cover sets, muslins, 100% cotton blankets, or throws, here are some handy tips to follow to keep their quality in tip-top shape and ensure your little one's comfort.

Select lovely, hypoallergenic detergents that are free from harsh chemicals, fragrances, and dyes to prevent skin irritation or allergic reactions. Opt for gentle formulas, specifically tailored for baby clothes and bedding, to effectively clean without being harsh on delicate fabrics. It's really advised to avoid detergents with fragrances, as they can irritate a baby's sensitive skin and potentially trigger allergies or reactions. Additionally, steer clear of fabric softeners and bleach, as they may contain harsh chemicals that could damage baby bedding.

Following our care instructions for washing baby bedding is easy; just check the label on each product as they will vary. By following along with our guidelines, you can keep the softness, freshness, and comfort of your Secret Linen Store baby and child bedding, creating a happy bed for your little one.

If you have any other questions, or we can help in any way, we are here at sales@secretlinenstore.com or a call away on 01243 822 599.

How to wash our organic cotton bedding

We recommend washing all of our cotton bedding items and muslins before their first use to ensure they are clean and free from any manufacturing smells. We're super confident that all will be fine; after all, we use Oeko-Tex certified factories, but we would still recommend running them through the wash once.

To reduce energy use and maintain the quality of our baby bedding, we recommend washing at 30 degrees. If you would rather, our products will be just fine at 40 degrees too. Washing bedding at 30 degrees is generally considered good for several reasons:

1: Gently Does It: It helps to prevent washing wear and tear, shrinkage, ensuring that the bedding remains soft and comfortable for your little one.

2. Happy Cleaning:
Despite the lower temperature, modern detergents are formulated to clean effectively at 30 degrees. They can still remove dirt, stains, and bacteria from baby bedding without the need for higher temperatures, ensuring hygiene without compromising fabric quality.

3. Energy Efficiency: Washing at 30 degrees consumes less energy compared to higher temperatures like 40 degrees or above. This makes it a more environmentally friendly option and helps reduce your household's energy consumption and footprint.

4. Let’s Keep The Colour: Washing baby bedding at 30 degrees helps to keep the vibrancy of our colours and patterns, ensuring that they remain bright and beautiful over time.

Drying: Air-dry by hanging or laying flat is perfect if you can, as it reduces energy used by the tumble dryer, helps maintain the shape of the sheet or cover, reduces shrinkage, and will make the item last longer. If you do need to tumble dry (we all do from time to time), please do so on a gentle heat. Check the care symbols on each product for specific temperature and drying instructions just in case they vary from piece to piece.

Washing our Baa Baa Bedtime baby wool bedding

Wool is naturally resistant to dirt, making it easy to clean. For our Baa Baa bedtime range, we recommend a gentle cold machine wash with spin on slowest setting. Spot clean any small marks with a damp cloth as needed. Dry flat.

Daily plumping keeps the bedding lofty—simply pull apart the fibres across the pillow's length. Periodic exposure to sunlight helps maintain freshness too; UV light is antibacterial, and heat removes moisture.

Let your wool bedding enjoy a sunbath in the garden or on a balcony to rejuvenate your pillow.

Washing our Baby Blankets and Throws

When it comes to washing baby blankets and throws, different materials require different care. For our Bailey Blanket Range, with its lovely knitted design, gentle washing will be best. Wash these blankets at 30 degrees using a wool wash cycle to keep them soft and snuggly. Dry these as flat as you can to make sure the shape and texture stay as good as new.

Our 100% cotton Finn throws, are also very happy at 30 degrees; they will be perfectly clean at this temperature while keeping the Finn fabric's quality and fabulous colours, however, if you would rather go up to 40 Degrees, they will be just fine. After washing, air-dry or tumble dry on low heat if needed to keep that lovely texture.

We hope this has all been helpful. If you have any questions, we are always here to help: sales@secretlinenstore.com or a call away on 01243 822 599.