What is a Duvet Tog?

In the ever-changing climate of the UK year-round comfort can seem unachievable, but it doesn’t have to be.

We often get asked ‘What is a tog rating?’, so we’ve put together a temperature tog guide that explains the science behind your good night’s sleep and why your duvet tog rating has a huge part to play in the comfort and quality of your rest.

What is a tog rating?

Are you a cosy caterpillar, or a classic ‘leg out of the bed’ sleeper? While personal preference plays a huge part in your comfort, there is science surrounding the perfect tog for your duvet.

The British term ‘tog’ (short for ‘Thermal Overall Grade’) refers to the thermal effectiveness of your duvet; the higher the tog, the warmer the duvet will be.

At Secret Linen Store, we have a carefully curated range of exceptionally good quality duvets with all togs available in a range of sizes and filling options, including feather and down blends, 100% natural down and a couple of synthetic options. You’ll be pleased to know that we’ve also put the time into developing a range of special sustainable duvets using age-old fillings made from British wool, and recycled fillings using plastic bottles (we promise it's cosier than it sounds!) and recycled down.

Use our temperature tog chart to find the best duvet for you


If you’re finding yourself getting too hot in the summer, we would recommend investing in a lighter duvet with a tog rating of 2.5 or 4.5. The lightest togs in our range of unbeatably soft duvets, these will keep you cooler for longer.  If you're looking at one of our wondrous wool duvets, then it'll be the summer weight that you need during these warmer months (wool can't be measured in togs).

Bed linen can also make all the difference to your temperature regulation so we would suggest 100% cotton percale or 100% linen bedding for a light and airy feel.

But, if you prefer to ditch the duvet altogether when it's hot, a flat sheet or one of our quilted throws can make a fantastic alternative.

Spring & Autumn

Notoriously labelled the in-between seasons, spring and autumn can be hard to dress for, let alone get right as far as bedding goes.  Luckily we stock some incredible feather and down duvet blends that make keeping cool or cosy light work.

Choose between a 9 or 10.5 tog to suit your preference for an incredibly comfortable night’s sleep.  We also stock a spring/autumn weight wool duvet if you're looking for something that will help keep your temperature regulated in these shoulder seasons.


Brrrr, is it bedtime yet? There is no better time than winter to hunker down in a wonderfully weighted duvet and with our 13.5 and 15 tog, you can do just that.  Our warmest tog duvets are developed with ultimate comfort in mind, made fresh to order, with the finest European fillings (just like all of our duvets, no matter the tog rating).

And for those of us wondering how our ovine friends manage to look snug even on the darkest wintry day, why not try out one of our heavy weight winter wool duvets?

The British winter can be bitterly cold, so we encourage you to have a duvet day every now and then.

Suitable for all seasons

Our super duper versatile All Seasons duvet is bound to make you smile.

What is an All Seasons duvet, we hear you ask? A handy three-in-one combination of our 4.5 and 9 tog duvets that can be used separately for summer (4.5 tog) and spring/autumn (9 tog) and then snapped together for the cold winter months.

Arriving in a lovely cotton canvas bag, you’ll have somewhere to store the duvet you’re not using, keeping it fresh as a daisy for when you next need it.

You'll be sleeping like a baby in these carefully crafted and cosy bedding options, knowing you are doing your bit for the planet too.

Why not take a peek at some of our most popular duvets, available in all togs and sizes?

If you have any questions about our duvets, please give us a call on 01243 822 599 or email us at helpmechoose@secretlinenstore.com.