Why Choose Brushed Cotton?

With the chilly days and nights of winter well underway, we’re finding all the very best excuses to stay as cosy as can be. Say hello to one of our current favourite cosy time companions: our brilliant brushed cotton bedding, perfect for keeping you as warm as toast.

Here we’ll tell you all about why our brushed cotton bed linen makes a dreamy addition to any winter bedding collection.

What is brushed cotton and how is it made?

Also known as ‘flannelette’, brushed cotton gets its name from the process by which it’s created. This cotton undergoes a mechanical process, where brushes are rubbed on the surface of the fabric to pull up and raise the very softest fibres from the yarns. This gives a fuzzier texture to the cotton, making it oh-so-super soft and naturally warm and cosy.

Our HenryFred and Arthur bed linens are all made from the finest, responsibly sourced 100% cotton threads and are lovingly designed in both stripe and plain herringbone weaves. When the coloured yarns arrive with our very clever friends in Portugal, they start the weaving process of the cotton fabric, creating the patterns and textures which are integral to them.

After weaving, the cottons are sent for their final fabric finish. First the fabric is washed to make it extra soft and to enhance the colour of the dyed yarns. Then the ‘brushing’ process begins to create the peachiest-soft brushed cotton. Cosy in both look and feel with a wonderfully soft, fleece-like finish that makes it dangerously comfy (as said by our wonderful customer Andy).

Why is brushed cotton bedding so good for the colder months?

The not-so-secret science behind why brushed cotton makes the best winter bedding, is that the brushed finish raises the fluffy fibres up, allowing them to trap warm air in between. This makes it more insulating and therefore naturally warmer than other cotton fabrics and is why it’s just perfect for the cold winter months.

Not only that, but brushed cotton fabric is also that little bit thicker and more durable at a perfect 160 grams weight. Even better, the extra thickness and weight won’t mean compromising on this cosy cotton also being super-breathable. By still allowing air to circulate, our brushed cottons will leave you sleeping comfortably, without overheating (or doing the leg in, leg out dance you may be all too familiar with).

No matter your style, we’ve got a whole range of our very warmest bedding for winter to choose from. Whether you prefer something dark and dreamy like our Henry Brushed Cotton in Darkest Spruce or the timeless look of our Fred Brushed Cotton in Grey, we have six wonderful brushed cotton bed linens to choose from.

How to keep your brushed cotton bedding feeling tip-top

We think washing should be easy peasy, so we’ve made caring for our brushed cotton bedding a breeze.

All our sets can be washed at 40 degrees, but we do recommend a gentler cycle for brushed cotton, such as your synthetic or wool setting, to keep the fabric as soft and cosy as possible. To help better maintain that super-soft brushed finish, make sure to turn the bedding inside out before washing. This will help to reduce any abrasion that might occur naturally in your machine and protect the little raised fibres. For extra softness, pop on the line to dry in a gentle breeze (if you can find a dry spell), or simply pop in your machine for a light tumble. The very best news? Ironing is optional, which means even more time spent snuggled under the sheets.

Need a little help choosing the best brushed cotton for you? Our top tips for styling our newest brushed cotton bedding will get you ready for the cosiest sleep in no time.