Carefully Crafted Comfy Nightwear and Loungewear

From beautiful nighties and perfect pyjamas to cosy knitwear and luxury loungewear, our collection offers ultimate comfort and style for you and everyone around you at home. 

When splashing out on luxury nightwear, you will want to ensure it lasts years to come and choose the correct fabric and feel for you. 

Below, we have shared some top tips and FAQs on our organic clothing collection.

Here at Secret Linen Store, we recommend washing your nightwear and loungewear after three to four nights of wearing it. If you shower before bed, however, this can be extended to seven nights, but this should be the maximum.

Here are our top tips for keeping your nightwear and loungewear as good as new.

When washing your 100% cotton and linen robes, pop them in a warm wash with similar colours and a light detergent. You will then simply want to line dry them. We recommend popping your robes in for an extra spin to remove any excess water before hanging them out to dry.

Cotton pyjamas and woven nightwear can be washed up to 40 degrees, but we recommend washing at 30 on a gentle wash to be kinder to the planet. Always wash with similar colours, then line dry and reshape if necessary.

Linen will crumple more easily than cotton but we feel that’s part of its unique charm. If you prefer a neater look for your linen pyjamas and nighties, then you can, of course, iron it.

Choosing the perfect fabric for your nightwear will depend on how you want it to feel and fit. Linen nightwear allows for optimum breathability and cotton pyjamas will prevent the heat from being trapped next to your skin.

At Secret Linen Stores, we try and think about the impact our materials make. For our clothing, we source our cotton responsibly including using Organic cotton fabrics. We also love linen pyjamas, as linen is a low impact fibre, made with less water during production, as well as low use of fertilisers and pesticides.

As B Corp, we take pride in being a verified leader when it comes to positive impact!

Are you struggling to sleep while suffering from hayfever and other seasonal allergies? 1 in 3 people in the UK suffer from seasonal allergies, and getting to sleep can be irritating. 

We have shared seven top tips to help beat the sniffles this spring. 

  1. Keep your head raised
  2. Keep pets out of your bedroom (and especially your bed)
  3. Say goodbye to dust mites with a Spring Clean
  4. Be extra vigilant with washing your bedding
  5. Eliminate pollen from your bedroom - and body
  6. Invest in a hypoallergenic mattress protector
  7. Try an air purifier or humidifier

Read our blog for more top tips on how to sleep better with allergies.

The recommended size will vary depending on which item you're considering. Each listing contains information about the fit with reference to a size guide too, but please contact our Customer Smile Makers if you would like more guidance.

For further guidance on clothing sizes, read our nightwear and loungewear size guide.  

No, we love the flexibility of choosing different styles and sizes for pyjama tops, bottoms and shorts. Here at Secret Linen Store, you can create your own set that's perfect for you.