'Oh-So-Soft' Brushed Cotton Bedding

Dreaming of duvet days? Our brushed cotton bedding sets are made with 100% cotton and then washed and combed to give you the softest finish ever. The process of brushing the fabric produces tiny fibres on the surface and that equals Super Softness with a capital "S". These flannelette duvet covers and pillowcases will keep you feeling snug, and snoozing soundly.

Brushed to Perfection

Brushed cotton flannelette is quite possibly the cosiest and warmest fabric. A bed made up in brushed cotton is like a warm hug on a chilly night.

Brushed cotton, also known as flannel or flannelette, is a 100% cotton fabric that has been machine brushed to create a soft, fuzzy surface. It's the cosiest fabric we have here at Secret Linen Store with exceptional thermal properties making it a top choice for a winter night.

Brushed cotton bedding is particularly popular during the colder months because it is so very warm. It is great to keep you cosy during chilly nights, but may be too warm for hot summer months.

Brushed cotton will be a little more prone to pilling than other 100% cotton fabrics. Pilling occurs when loose fibres on the surface of the fabric become tangled and form small balls or pills. The surface of brushed cotton has more loose fibres because of the brushing process so it's only normal for some pilling to happen. However, there are some steps you can take to reduce pilling: - follow the care instructions - avoid rough handling that can cause excessive friction. While some initial pilling may occur with brushed cotton, it tends to lessen over time as the loose fibres are gradually removed.