Finish Your Bed in Style with Our Lovely Deep Valance Sheets

Looking to smarten up your divan bed? Our lovely deep valance sheets will do the job perfectly. We've made ours with a modern box pleat on each corner and chosen a handful of our favourite fabrics so they match perfectly with any of our bed linen designs. Our fitted valance sheets all have a 41cm drop, a white hidden top and are made from the highest quality 100% cotton or 100% linen fabrics. Finish your bed in style with a luxury bed valance.

The Wonders of a Valance

Are you looking to add a touch of elegance and style to your bedroom? Valances are the perfect solution! Also known as bed skirts or dust ruffles, valances are decorative fabric panels that cover the space between your mattress and the floor. They not only enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your bed but also serve a functional purpose by hiding unsightly under-bed storage or box springs. Designed to effortlessly transform your bed into a sophisticated centrepiece, we have valances available in several different colours and fabrics to suit any bedroom decor. Explore our collection today.

A valance is a piece of fabric that sits underneath your mattress and hangs down on three sides to cover your bed base. Our valances all feature stylish box pleats and are available in all standard UK sizes in either in 100% linen or a more structured cotton linen twill.

A stylish valance can be a fabulous finishing touch to your favourite snooze spot, but it is a particularly useful tool if you have an ugly divan base or store lots of unsightly clutter underneath your bed. Add a valance and *abracadabra* you have an Insta-worthy bedroom.

A valance sits underneath the mattress and hangs down over the bottom of the bed. It has a frill which will cover three of the four sides of the bed, then the mattress is placed on top of the bed base to hold the valance in place. Our valances can't be used on a bed with bed posts at the foot end of the bed - for this style of bed you would need a split valance.