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We're pleased as punch with our perfect womens pyjamas, in this gorgeous range of lovely colours and patterns so you can mix and match the perfect bedtime for you. Made with love in Portugal from the finest organic cotton, 100% linen and responsibly sourced super soft cotton, bedtime can't get much better than this. Browse our current collection of pyjamas below.

Pick Your Perfect Pyjama Set

Perfect pyjamas picked by you. All our pyjama tops and bottoms are sold separately so you can choose a combo just right for your snooze time.

We sell our pyjama tops and bottoms separately so you can create the perfect set for you. Mix and match linen and cotton, long and short, large and small… the decision is yours.

Linen will crumple more easily than cotton but we feel that’s part of its unique charm. After washing, if you give your pyjamas a good shake and hang them to dry the creasing should be minimal, but if you prefer a neater look then you can of course iron them.