A Guide to Our Curtains

Curtain headers 

Which curtain header you choose will depend partly on what style you prefer but also which style will work best with your space. Let’s look a bit more closely at the three different options that we have here at Secret Linen Store:

Pencil pleat

Pencil pleat curtains are a classic and versatile option that feature evenly spaced pleats that are created by pulling and tightening strings at the top. These curtains are sold as a pair and offer a neat and elegant and timeless look. The adjustable nature of the pencil pleat means that they are a versatile choice, suitable for various window sizes and styles. They can be easily hung using curtain hooks or rings, and adjusted to fit your window and create the fullness that you like. Our pencil pleat curtains are all lined (some with blackout lining) and sold as a pair. To hang your pencil pleat curtains you will need either a curtain track and hooks, or a pole with hooks and rings.

Loop top

Our loop top curtains feature a channel at the top of the curtain through which you insert a pole. They are the simplest to hang of all our curtains and the only equipment needed is a curtain pole (no hooks or rings). Loop top curtains will have a relaxed and breezy look with more uneven gathers. Our loop top panels are all sold individually and are unlined.


An eyelet curtain (also known as a grommet curtain) features a row of evenly spaced metal rings or eyelets along the top of the panel which are partly decorative and partly functional. Eyelet curtains are sold as a pair and are easily hung by threading a pole through the eyelets (no hooks or rings needed) offering a sleek and modern look. The metal rings glide easily on the pole and they offer a soft even gather. 

Curtain linings 


Our sheer curtains are all a simple panel of 100% linen with no lining at all. Linen, with its beautiful drape and open weave, makes for a delicate and airy window covering that will allow soft natural light to filter through while still providing some privacy. Sheer linen curtain panels are timeless and versatile, complementing a wide range of interior styles, from classic contemporary. They can be hung alone for a light and breezy look, or layered with other curtains for added texture and dimension. These curtains are beautiful in any room, but may need to be paired with a blind in a bedroom if you need to block out the morning light. 


Our unlined curtains are simple panels of 100% cotton or a cotton linen twill with no lining. With cotton and twill weaves being a bit tighter than a linen weave, these curtain panels will block out a little more light than our sheer curtains. In a range of beautiful colours, and easy to hang and launder, these unlined curtains offer a simple solution for filtering light, giving privacy and adding a splash of colour to your room. 


Our lined curtains consist of a feature fabric with a simple ecru calico lining. These curtains, with two layers of fabric, will block out quite a lot of light and provide a little more insulation than an unlined curtain.  There may be some light that filters through the weave of the fabrics, but the overall effect will be to darken the room. These are suitable for any room, including a bedroom if you don’t require complete darkness. 


Our blackout curtains consist of our cotton linen twill feature fabric paired with a blackout lining. The lining on these curtains will not allow any light to pass through the fabric making them an excellent choice for a bedroom. You will need to make sure that your curtains are the right size and are hung properly to ensure that no light leaks around the edges of the curtain. 

How to measure curtains

Read our handy guide to measuring curtains.