How to choose your Duvet

Decisions, decisions. You have read all about our different fills here and now need to identify which duvet you are going to choose for your snooze spot. 

The easiest way to narrow down your choices is to decide whether you’d like a natural or synthetic filling, so let’s start there…   

Do you want a natural or synthetic duvet? If natural, read on. If synthetic skip to 5.

Natural – do you want wool or feather/down? If feather/down read on. If wool skip to 4.

Feather/Down – do you want a heavy duvet or a light one? If light, then skip to 1. If you’d prefer a heavier duvet then skip to 2. If you’re looking for a sustainable feather/down choice then skip to 3.

1. Natural lightweight down duvets

You have chosen a lightweight down duvet so we would recommend looking at a duvet with a high down content. Anything from 80-100% down will give you a very light duvet with the unparalleled insulation that down offers. The more down the filling contains, the lighter the duvet will be.   

If you’re looking for the very best we have to offer, let us introduce our Golden Goose duvet. This luxurious duvet boasts 100% Hungarian goose down with the highest quality batiste cover. You can read more about this product on the listing. It’s available in all sizes and many tog options (see below for how to choose the tog for you). 

If your budget doesn’t stretch to 100% goose down, then we recommend going with duck down, which is a little less expensive than goose, or perhaps adding a few feathers in there. Our Dreamy Duck duvet is our top pick for a fabulous mostly-down duvet at an excellent price. This filling contains 80% duck down but rather than being the coveted white down, the down in this duvet is grey, which is just as effective but has a lower price tag. 

2. Natural heavier feather duvets

For those of us who prefer a bit of weight to a duvet, we recommend going with a higher feather content. This has the added bonus of also saving a few pennies as feathers are less expensive than down. 

Our best budget pick would be the Great Goose duvet which boasts a fill made up of 85% goose feather and 15% down. This duvet is great quality at a reasonable price and is encased in our usual high quality 100% cotton cover. 

3. Natural and sustainable feather/down duvet

We are proud to offer a recycled down duvet which makes brilliant use of used down that would otherwise end up in landfill. Supporting the circular economy, our Second Timer Down duvet is filled with 100% recycled down which has been collected, washed and regenerated by very clever people in Europe. There is no compromise here as Second Timer Down duvets offer all the benefits of our other 100% down duvets and a fill power of 700 (see here for everything you need to know about fill power).

4. Wool duvet

Sheep have known the secret power of wool for centuries and now you too can experience the ingenious filling that is our finest organic wool. The wool in our Baa Baa Bedtime Finest Organic Wool Duvet has been layered and encased in a 100% cotton cover and is available in three different weights for the different seasons. This is not a bouncy light duvet – it has more of a quilt feel to it – and offers fabulous temperature regulating and hypoallergenic properties.

5. Synthetic duvets

For those of you wanting a big bouncy duvet we would highly recommend our Big Softie. As the name suggests, this duvet is full, light and lofty, and ever so soft. The lofty hollowfibre fill will keep you cosy and the duvet looking full and luxurious.

If you are a lover of down, but would prefer to avoid the real thing (and its price tag) then our Good as Goose might be the duvet for you. The microfibre filling mimics down and has a lovely drape and softness as well as being incredibly light.

6. Sustainable synthetic duvet

Our Bottle Bedding is the one for you if you are looking to make positive steps towards a more sustainable bedtime. Made from recycled plastic bottles, this filling is very similar in feel to the hollowfibre but with the added bonus of a superhero cape. Our Bottle Bedding is light and lofty, and available in all sizes and a variety of togs.

7. Keep Me Cool duvet

If you’re a hot sleeper and have been struggling with the warmer nights then you might want to try our Keep Me Cool bedding which is designed to regulate your body temperature. This duvet contains a layer of fabric with revolutionary technology that works with your body to keep you comfortable all night long. Available in single – super king in one 4.5 tog weight.

Tackling tog 

Now you’ve identified which filling might work best for you, it’s time to talk tog. A tog is simply a warmth measurement for duvets and we have a trusted guide here if you want to read a bit more about it. 

Basically, the higher the number, the warmer the duvet. If you’re choosing a duvet that you’ll only be using during the warmer months, then we’d recommend a 2.5 or 4.5 tog. If you want something that will work all year round a 9 or 10.5 tog would be perfect. However, if you’re shopping for a cosy option for winter then a 13.5 or our heaviest 15 tog will be just the ticket. 

We do also have the option of an All Seasons duvet which is a clever combination of two duvets (a 4.5 for the summer, and a 9 tog for the spring/autumn) which snap together to create a warm winter 13.5 tog duvet. Genius! 

The only duvet that doesn’t have a tog measurement is our wool duvet which instead comes in three weights for the different seasons. 

Need more help? 

You should now have all the information you need to order the duvet of your dreams. Need to talk it through with someone? Then please do give our Customer Smile Makers a call and they’ll be delighted to help: 01243 822599 or