Classic 100% Cotton Curtains

Our curtains are made from the same fabulous quality fabrics as our bed linen, with our 100% cotton curtains also made in our factory in Portugal with the same love and care. Elegant and versatile, cotton curtains are super-easy to care for and because they’re such high quality, they have a soft laundered feel. Choose from relaxed and natural colours, setting the scene for a serene space.

A Curtain for Every Cosy Corner

Cotton curtains are a popular choice for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Made from natural fibres obtained from the cotton plant, their soft and lightweight texture allows for a gentle flow of air and natural light, creating a breezy and inviting atmosphere in any room. Cotton is a durable material that can withstand regular use and washing, making cotton curtains a long-lasting and low-maintenance window treatment option. Whether adorning a living room, bedroom, or kitchen, cotton curtains add a touch of elegance and warmth to any space.

Yes! All our cotton curtains can be popped in the washing machine. Please check the care label on your curtains for further instructions. After washing they may need a quick press for a perfect finish.

When choosing your curtains, it's important to measure the width and length of your windows accurately. For width, curtains should typically be 1.5 to 2 times the width of the window for a full and luxurious look. Then you'll need to choose a length that give you look you're going for. The majority of our curtains are long but do you want them to hang just above the floor, or pool on the floor a little (this is particularly effective with a sheer linen curtain)? Read here for more instructions about how to measure up for your new curtains.