Emperor Bedding for the Ultimate Luxury

Browse our unique collection of emperor size bedding. Our emperor duvet covers are designed to fit a 290cm x 235cm duvet, and our emperor fitted sheets are 200cm x 200cm. Choose from a variety of styles, fabrics and finishes to curate your perfect bedtime. You may have trouble getting up though. We have everything you need to dress your emperor bed in style. If you need any help, do drop us a line.

Bedding for the Biggest of Beds

We have everything you might need for your emperor sized bed. All our bed linen collections include emperor size sheets and duvet covers, and we can make any of our duvets in a emperor size with the perfect fill for you.

A standard emperor size mattress in the UK is 200 x 200cm and all our emperor size fitted sheets are designed to fit these dimensions. Most people will then make their emperor size bed up with an emperor size duvet which measures 290 x 235cm. Some customers might find that their emperor size bed is a little larger than this, and we can accommodate these bigger mattresses with our super emperor sized sheets measuring 215 x 215cm (available in a couple of ranges) which will fit the very biggest beds. These can be combined with a standard emperor sized duvet for a very comfortable and spacious night's sleep.

Although you can use standard sized pillows (50 x 75cm) on an emperor size bed, many customers with larger beds like to go with super king size pillows (50 x 90cm) as proportionately this bigger size works well and makes your bed feel more luxurious. A combination of both also works well with the larger pillows being propped behind the smaller ones.