From Luxury Cotton to Lovely Linen, Our Duvet Covers Have You Covered

With gorgeous designs (if we do say so ourselves), our luxury duvet covers are made for stylish and comfortable sleeping. All of our covers are made from the finest quality cotton yarns with high thread counts. Our jacquard bed linen is made with 50% Egyptian cotton (we never, ever use polyester) and we nearly always make the back of the duvet cover the same as the front to make bedtime the best it can be. Choose between 100% cotton, 100% linen, or a perfect blend of both, for a superior slumber and there's a finish to suit everybody: luxurious sateen, crisp cotton percale or relaxed laundered soft. Our modern duvet covers can be mixed and matched with our fabulous bed sheets and all are fastened with super sturdy buttons. Our duvet covers have you covered.
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Duvet Covers in Different Fabrics, Feels and Finishes

Cotton or Linen, Cool or Cosy?

Which should you choose? 

For more sensitive sleepers and for that gorgeously rustic look, go with our 100% linen duvet covers – no ironing needed (yippee!) and it gets softer with every wash. 

If clean lines and polished perfection is your thing, our luxury 100% cotton duvet covers are the ones for you – and we offer different finishes like crisp, cool cotton percale, luxurious and smooth sateen or laundered cotton for extra softness. 

Our brushed cotton duvet covers are perfect for those chillier months, while our jacquard designs feature 50% Egyptian cotton for a superior slumber. 

Last but not least, why not try our planet-friendly 100% organic hemp duvet covers, with bags of superhero properties for the perfect night’s sleep.