Rest Your Head on a Mountain of Our Lovely Pillowcases

Perfect Pillowcases

Pillowcases are such a simple way to add a bit of personality and intrigue to your bedtime. These simple fabric covers come in an array of designs and colours, offering a touch of personal style to our bedrooms. As well as keeping your pillows clean and protected they also offer a comfortable cocoon for your weary head at the end of the day. So, do some research, browse our range, and let us help you find a pillowcase just for you. Sweet dreams are just a pillowcase away!

Oxford pillowcases have a small border of fabric around the edge of the pillowcase. A housewife pillowcase has no border at all and just a simple flap to keep the pillow in place. Read here for more information about Oxford and housewife pillowcases.

A standard sized pillowcase is 75 x 50cm and most beds from a single to a king size will have a pillow of this size. If you have a super king or emperor sized bed you might find that a super king pillow gives you a more luxurious look in which case you'll need the larger super king size pillowcase measuring 90 x 50cm. Another size we offer in most of our bed linen collections is a large square pillowcase to fit a continental 65 x 65cm pillow. These tend to be used in addition to standard or super king pillowcases for those of us who know that there's no such thing as too many pillows.

It is very much your choice whether you wish your bed to be a match made in a heaven or a riotous blend of colours and textures. We always sell matching pillowcases for our duvet covers so you do have this more traditional option, but why not add a second layer of pillowcases in a contrasting colour? Our pillowcases are all sold separately so you're free to build your bed set to suit your tastes.

We sell our duvet covers and pillowcases separately to allow you to mix and match designs and sizes as you wish. There will always be a pillowcase available to match your chosen duvet cover… pop two in your shopping bag for a perfectly-made snooze spot.

Our pillowcases are all sold separately so you can choose to mix and match patterns and sizes as you wish and pop as many as you need into your basket.