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A Beautiful Basic

We have white pillowcases in every shape, size and fabric you'd ever need. Cotton, hemp, linen, brushed, sateen, percale, laundered - what will you choose? Read on to find out why a white pillowcase is a must in your linen cupboard.

No, all our pillowcases, including our white ones, are sold individually so you can mix and match the colours and sizes as you wish.

An Oxford pillowcase has a small decorative border (usually between 2-5cm wide) all the way round the edge, whereas a housewife pillowcase has no decorate element and simply closes with a hidden envelope closure.

Absolutely! White pillowcases serve as a versatile and neutral accessory that can complement any coloured or patterned bedding. They effortlessly blend with various styles and allow you to easily switch out or mix and match pillowcase designs without clashing with your existing bedding. Many of our customers choose to have a colourful duvet cover with two matching pillowcases, and then finish the bed with a simple white fitted sheet and two white pillowcases.

White pillowcases are not hard to keep white providing you look after them carefully. Make sure you wash them separately from coloured items to avoid colour transfer (watch those red socks!) and pre-treat any stains promptly to ensure easy removal. Wash your white pillowcases in warm water rather than hot, as hot water can cause yellowing or damage the fabric. Our white cotton, linen or hemp pillowcases should all be washed at 30-40 degrees. Regular washing can also prevent the buildup of oils, sweat, and dirt, but make sure you avoid bleach or harsh chemicals that can damage and dull the fabric.