Bright and Striped Bedding

We love stripes, in fact we're a little bit obsessed them!  Large or small, we love them all. We have our favourite Coastal Stripe for a nautical style, Ticking Stripe in grey and natural for a classic bedtime, as well as the pretty Tiny Stripe Bedding and sheets. If you too are a lover of striped bedding, then fill your boots. All designed by us, and made in Portugal using responsibly sourced 100% cotton and European grown 100% linen. Choose from single, double, king, super king and emperor sizes, in a variety of colours.

Sumptuous Stripes for Snoozing

Cotton, linen, laundered or brushed - take your pick! Read on for a little more information about our very favourite striped bed linen.

We love a ticking stripe here at Secret Linen Store and you'll find a few ticking options here. A ticking stripe is a pattern characterised by thin, evenly spaced vertical stripes of the same width. The stripes are typically in a contrasting colour against a lighter or neutral background. The name 'ticking' originates from the fabric's historical use in making mattress or pillow 'ticks', which are the covers used to encase bedding materials.

A ticking stripe is often associated with a rustic or vintage aesthetic and its simplicity and timeless appeal make it versatile and suitable for various interior design styles, including farmhouse, coastal and traditional.

In short, yes. We love a mismatch of pattern and recommend you experiment and find something that works for you and your décor. For a subtle combination, take a look at our ticking stripe bed linen which has matching accessories with a similar but wider stripe. We've also got a handy guide to working with patterns here and can also send you out some samples if that would be helpful.

Yes, striped bedding can work beautifully whatever your style. The versatility of striped patterns allows them to adapt to different aesthetics. Crisp and clean stripes can complement a modern or minimalist decor, while soft and muted stripes can enhance a shabby chic or coastal theme. Consider the colours, scale, and overall mood of the stripes to ensure they align with the style you are aiming for in your bedroom. You can read more about working with stripes here.