100% Linen Nightwear 

Hello to a very comfy time. We've made this collection of beautiful and comfy nightwear just for you. Made in Portugal from only the finest 100% linen, all of our linen nightwear comes packaged in sustainable packaging. The collection includes everything from nighties to pyjamas tops and bottoms, and our ever so stylish linen robes.  There is something for everyone here, so make yourselves at home.

Dreaming of Linen Nightwear

Linen is a dream to sleep in, all year round. Cosy and weighty for the winter and breathable and moisture-absorbing in the summer, there is really no time of year when it's not the perfect choice. Our 100% linen nightwear pieces are all sold separately so you can create your perfect snoozing combo.

No, we sell our pyjama pieces separately as we love the flexibility of being able to choose different styles and sizes of pyjama tops and bottoms. You can create your own set that's perfect for you!

As is cotton, linen is a breeze to launder and dry. We recommend a low temperature and an extra spin, then give it a good shake out and hang to dry. Linen can be tumble-dried at a low temperature but we recommend taking it out before it's fully dry to avoid unnecessary wrinkling. No ironing needed here, although if you're a fan of a clean crisp finish then you might want to give it a quick press.

Linen is breathable and moisture-wicking which means that it helps regulate your body temperature as well as keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the night. Linen is also naturally hypoallergenic and its texture becomes softer with each wash, providing a gentle and luxurious feel against the skin.