Our fillings explained

Feathers and down, microfibre, wool and even recycled bottles… although our range is carefully curated, we still have so many different fillings to consider when you’re looking to choose your new bedding. 

So grab a cuppa, find a cosy corner and let’s take a closer look at some of our fabulous fillings. 

Natural Fillings:

Our natural duvets and pillows are filled with either duck or goose down, or a blend of both feather and down, or 100% wool. No matter which one you go for, they all create super soft, long-lasting bedding that allows your skin to breathe a little more easily than those filled with synthetic materials.

Down and Feather

We offer a range of duck and goose feather and down products. But what is the difference between duck and goose? Basically, goose products are that little bit softer and more luxurious than duck. Goose down clusters are generally larger which means you can get a higher fill power (read more about that here) but they’re also harder to source which makes them more expensive. Duck down is incredibly efficient at keeping you cosy, but it’s more readily available which makes it a more economical choice, with very little compromise at all.

All of our products that contain feathers/down are Downafresh certified, ethically sourced in Europe and fully traceable. The feather and down we use is actually a by-product of the food industry (so if it wasn't making your bedding nice and cosy it would end up in a landfill) and is collected and processed to strict European standards (and actually significantly exceeds them) in terms of cleanliness and animal welfare.

Also, the fabric used for casing our feather-filled products has been tested to check it complies with industry standards and has earned a NOMITE classification from the European Down and Feather Association (EDFA). This means the case is so tightly woven dust mites are unable to penetrate the surface, making our feather and down bedding safe for allergy sufferers too. Winner, winner!


Unlike feathers, down's main purpose is to provide insulation. One of nature’s little miracles, these fluffy plumules are made up of thousands of soft fibres radiating in all directions from a central quill point, similar to the head of a dandelion. These contain countless tiny air pockets that trap heat between the individual hairs and absorb moisture, keeping the bird's body warm and dry at high altitudes and in chilly water, and it works exactly the same on your bed. It's these properties that make down such a coveted choice, especially that sourced from the coldest corners of Europe like 100% Hungarian goose down which fills our Grand Goose duvet, as the snuggly stuffing boasts sky-high loft and keeps you extra toasty. 

Down is fabulous for duvets, but you might need a little (or a lot) of feather in the mix for your pillow if you need some support. 


Although feathers have similar insulation properties to down, they’re larger, stronger and more robust, creating a heavier feel, ideal for those who like a closely hugging duvet that sinks down around your body. A mixture of the two fillings is a great compromise for sleepers who want the weight of feathers with the warmth of down. A high feather content filling is great for a supportive pillow too, such as our Great Goose pillow, available in either medium or firm fill. 


Our wool fills have temperature regulating superpowers; wool is cool when you need it to be and warm when the temperature isn't. It also wicks moisture away from the body by absorbing up to 30% of its weight in moisture, before feeling damp.

We don’t use any nasty chemicals when washing or processing our wool. This helps us to make bedding that is super hypoallergenic. There is nothing in here to cause any reaction, so this is a great choice for any allergy sufferers. You can also sleep soundly knowing that wool is naturally fire retardant.

Wool pillows are supportive and full but will need some plumping to keep them bouncy – you can read all about that here.

Synthetic Fillings:

Synthetic duvets tend to wick away sweat better than natural bedding, can be washed more regularly and have a lighter feel, ideal for those who tend to wriggle around a lot when snoozing!

Manufactured by Dacron, world leaders in artificial fibres, two of our most popular synthetic filling options are hollowfibre and microfibre.


As their name suggests, hollowfibres have a hollow centre, giving duvets and pillows greater loft and springiness. These thick, wire-like fibres are hardwearing, yet still warm and snuggly. Hollowfibre filling makes a great option for a pillow as it retains its shape for a full pillow night after night. Take a look at our Good as Goose bedding for more information about this luxurious filling.


Microfibres are much finer (six times as fine as hollowfibres to be exact!) and don't have hollow centres, instead, this super supple stuffing is intended to imitate the luxury of natural down, therefore delivering outstanding softness. Because microfibre mimics down it’s a great option for a duvet if you’re looking for warmth and lightness but don’t want to go down the natural route. Take a look at our Big Softie bedding; it’s also a much more budget friendly option if you love 100% down but you’re trying to tighten the purse strings.

Recycled Bottles

This ingenious fill is called Aerelle Blue and is made out plastic bottles that have been literally fished out of the ocean. The plastic is recycled and, using a sophisticated and high-tech production process, made into a beautiful and fluffy fill for Our Bottle Bedding. Very similar in feel and look to the hollowfibre filling, this filling gives a lofty, plump pillow and cosy and full duvet, and you can sleep even more soundly knowing you’ve done your part in helping reduce ocean plastic.

Whichever filling you choose, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your bedding is of the very highest quality. All of the fabrics, synthetic and natural fillings, and 100% cotton cases used to make our bedding are certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Compliant, meaning they’re free of harmful chemicals, as well as being down-proof and flame retardant.

If you need a little more help choosing a duvet or pillow that’s just perfect for you, why not head over to one of these pages. And if you need a little more hand-holding, then our Customer Smile Makers are always ready to chat through all things feather and fluff on 01243 822599 or sales@secretlinenstore.com