Wonderful White Linen Sheets

You can’t go wrong with classic white linen bed sheets. Whether you’re wanting to create a serene and calming Scandi sanctuary or a cosy vintage look, white linen is super versatile and is easy to mix with any interior decor. Linen is a more sustainable fabric choice and it gets softer with every wash, so what’s not to love? Browse our white linen sheets below.

We're Dreaming of a White Bedtime

White sheets in 100% linen are a luxury that we're delighted to share. Big, small, deep, flat, fitted, and even those in a tricky European size... we have white linen sheets for every bedtime.

The secret to keeping your whites white is to make sure you're washing them regularly and not letting any stains 'set in'. It's also important not to wash on a very high temperature as this can cause yellowing.

We recommend washing on a low temperature (30-40 degrees is perfect) with a small amount of quality detergent. Make sure there are no nasties in there (such as bleaching agents) as these may cause discoloration of your linen.

For more information about washing 100% linen head over here.

You are welcome to tumble dry your 100% linen sheets but we recommend a lower temperature setting. It's a good idea to give your linen an extra spin to remove as much water as possible before tumbling. This will help remove any minerals (that can make your linen feel stiff) as well as shorten the drying time. Winner, winner...

White linen sheets are remarkably versatile and so it's really up to you what you pair them with.

Many people just love a completely white bed in which case finishing your bed with a full set of White 100% Linen Bed Linen is a simple and stunning solution.

However, if you'd like to give your bed a bit more depth and intrigue, then mixing your white up with a variety of other neutral linens, such as our Cream, Natural, Pebble Grey or Cafe au Lay would result in an uber-stylish and sophisticated bedtime.