Easy-Breezy Ready Made Cream Linen Curtains

Welcome laid-back luxe into your home with our ready-made linen curtains. Designed with a loop top for fuss-free hanging, all of our linen curtains are woven in Portugal from top-quality French flax and laundered to super-soft perfection. This light and airy fabric is ideal for providing privacy while still letting a little natural light bathe the room, plus every colour co-ordinates effortlessly with our lovely bed linen. Once you've found your perfect match, find out how to hang and care for your linen curtains.

A Classic Cream for Understated Elegance

Cream linen curtains offer a warm and inviting ambiance, adding a touch of understated elegance to your space while allowing soft natural light to filter through, creating a cosy and serene atmosphere.

No, our cream linen curtains are sold as individual panels, allowing for plenty of flexibility. If you'll need pair for your window then simply pop two into your shopping bag.

Our cream linen curtain panels are available in several different sizes and the best way to check if we have what you need is to click on the product listing and scan the list of sizes. We also have a guide to measuring for your curtains which might be helpful if you're new to hanging curtains.

All our cream linen curtain panels are a simple loop top design which makes them very easy to install. All you need is a curtain pole which you simply feed through the channel at the top of the curtain. Ta-da! If you need more help with installing your curtain please take a look at our Curtain Buying Guide.

Cream 100% linen has a lovely open weave which will allow quite a lot of diffused light through, but will also offer a level of privacy. If you'd like to stick with linen but need to block a little more light, then a darker colour might work better for you, such as our Natural 100% linen curtains, or perhaps consider an off-white twill blackout curtain instead.