Curtain Buying Guide

Curtain rings

Measuring for your Curtains

To measure for your curtains, you should already have your track or curtain pole up in its place. We think it's best when your track extends from the edge of the window by around 15 - 20cm (so you can draw them right back and let the light in). Your pole should sit at least 15cm above the window.

To measure what curtain width you need, measure the total length of your pole; if using a track which overlaps in the middle, then make sure to measure the full length of both tracks.

Choosing the correct curtain length will depend on where you want your curtains to fall, either to sill level, below sill level or all the way to the floor.

For a curtain that falls at the sill, measure from the top of your curtain pole or track to 1cm above the sill level. For a curtain that hangs just below your window sill, measure again from the top of your pole or track down to where you'd like the curtains to fall to. For curtains that are full length to the floor measure from the top of your pole or track to 1cm above the floor.