A White Fitted Sheet: A True Classic

We would hazard a guess that there is no household in the country without at least one of these staples in its laundry cupboard. Here we have all the information you need to know about our white fitted sheets.

Absolutely! White fitted sheets are truly versatile and can be used alongside any coloured or patterned bedding to create unique and stylish combinations. They are the perfect neutral that goes with everything..

Our standard sheet depth is 36cm which will fit most mattresses. Even if yours is shallower than this our sheets should stay put because they're elasticated all the way round. If you need a little more depth, then choose one of our 40cm extra deep fitted sheets for that bit of extra coverage.

We have a range of thread counts for every preference and budget. Starting with our brilliant basic 200 thread count cotton percale and going all the way up to our luxuriously lush 1000 thread count Super Hero sateen sheets, it's up to you what you'd prefer on your bed. And this is just the cotton... we also have hemp and linen white fitted sheets. Read more here about choosing the perfect bed linen for your snooze spot.

Fear not, we've got you (and your mattress!) covered. We have solved this problem by adding elastic all the way around the bottom of all our fitted sheets to keep them snug on your mattress all night long. Make sure you have the correct size and depth (36 or 40cm available here), make sure it's the correct way round on your mattress and give it a good tuck in and you should be set for a very restful night indeed.

To keep your white fitted sheets bright, separate and wash them separately from coloured items using mild detergents in warm water. Hot water can contribute to discoloration so best to keep the temperature fairly low. Promptly treat stains before laundering and avoid over-drying to prevent dullness or yellowing. Occasionally hang them in sunlight to naturally bleach and brighten. For stubborn stains, consider spot-treating with a mild bleach alternative or hydrogen peroxide. Investing in high-quality sheets made of durable materials - like ours! - can also contribute to their long-lasting whiteness.