Enjoy a Luxury Sleep with 100% Linen Fitted Sheets

Experience your most comfortable sleep yet with our 100% linen sheets, woven from the highest quality linen thread. Whether you have a single, double, super king or a luxurious emperor sized bed, our deep fitted sheets perfectly hug your mattress and are unbeatably durable.  Laundered for a very comfy bedtime, these linen sheets improve in softness with each wash.

Treat You and Your Bed to a 100% Linen Bedtime

Indulge yourself with the luxury of our 100% linen fitted sheets. Nothing short of excellent, these sheets offer a stylish, breathable, and environmentally friendly sleep experience. Available in a multitude of colours, and even a few striped options, choose 100% linen for a perfect night's rest.

A sleep on 100% linen is a very dreamy sleep indeed. Breathable and moisture-wicking, it keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. Sustainably grown and ever so stylish, our 100% linen sheets guarantee you a cosy, eco-conscious night's sleep with a touch of luxury.

Our 100% linen fitted sheets are easy to care for and can indeed be tumbled on a low temperature. If you love your linen buttery soft then a bit of tumble can be the easiest way to achieve this as linen loves the warmth and movement of a tumble dryer. That being said, we do try to line dry ours as much as possible to save those pennies and to make sure our linen lasts a lovely long time.

We would recommend picking out a sheet the same size as your mattress where possible, although a few centimetres difference here or there won't make too much difference with 100% linen as it has a natural stretch to it so is quite forgiving. 100% linen tends to 'give' as you sleep in it, and then tighten up again when it's washed.