How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

cat on fitted sheet

Learning how to fold a fitted sheet is a task many never master (admittedly we hadn't either until recently). The technique many adopt is either scrunching, rolling or stuffing. Wouldn't it be lovely to have a perfectly folded sheet.

Help is at hand. We gave Cat (and Chutney) the task of teaching us how to fold a fitted sheet - properly.

Watch our video tutorial, share with friends and send us some snaps of your perfectly folded sheets.

Step one

Lay you sheet flat on the bed, elastic side up

cat on bed

Step two

In each hand take each of the corners closest to you. Grab the corners from the outside of the sheet and push to the inside.

Then, with the corners still in your hands take the corners further away from you. This time take them from the inside.

person folding fitted sheet

Step three

Your sheet should now look folded in half. Cross your right hand over on to your left. All four corners should now be folded over your hand. Shake it out to make sure no sides are caught up.

person feeling fitted sheet

Step four

Lay your sheet back flat onto the bed (it should make a square or rectangle depending on the size of your sheet).

Fold the sheet three times, lengthways, starting from the edge with the elastic.

Then fold into three again, to make a neat rectangle.

folding fitted sheet
folding fitted sheet
folded fitted sheet