Seven drinks for Dry January

Whether you're doing Dry January, having a break after an over indulgent Christmas or don't drink at all, we've got you covered. Some of our favourite mocktails that are just as good as the real thing... and they won't leave you with a headache in the morning!

Strawberry and Cucumber Limeade

This little concoction is super refreshing and looks absolutley beautiful. Start by squeezing the juice of two limes and a tablespoon of simple syrup. Add some ice and top with sparking soda.  Make your glass even more special by adding some sparkles around the edge.

Orange Moscow Mule

A moscow mule is possibly one of the easiest drinks to 'mock' as it tastes almost exactly the same without the vodka.  This recipe is a little different with an oragne twist. Must be served in a beautiful copper tankard (buy your own here).

Top 7 drinks for dry January

Virgin Mojito

You get all the wonderful taste that comes with a Mojito just without the added booze.

Caramel Apple Spice

This is a take on warm apple cider. Keep it booze free with apple juice, cinnamon, nutmeg and lashings of caramel. Tastes just like apple pie - delicious!

Top 7 drinks for dry january. Secret Linen Store.

Sparkling Blackberry Mint Aguas Frescas

Mocktails are delicious, but they do tend to be on the higher end of the calorie scale. This recipe is a great alternative for those still trying to get rid of their Christmas bloat - no sugary fruit juices in sight.

Grilled Pineapple and Lime

This pineapple drink is sweet and delicious. The perfect reminder of summer during all this wet weather.

Top 7 drinks for Dry January. Secret Linen Store

Lavander Lemonade

Not only does this drink look beautiful, it tastes it too! There's something quite satisfying about whipping up your own batch of lemonade, and it's bound to impress guests too!

Top 7 drinks for Dry January. Secret Linen Store.

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