Unlocking the Trends: 2024 Interior Style Predictions You Need to Know

Our Aubergine Super Soft Cotton Bed Linen with Vintage Rose  Finn 100% cotton quilted cushion covers and throw.

Welcome, dearest bedmakers. We are ever so excited about 2024 and what it has to bring, style-wise. There’s plenty of colour and patterns, a renewed focus on upcycling and retro styling and, thankfully, pink is still very much in. Phew. Let’s get comfy, grab a snack, and together dive into this year’s vibrant themes. We’re talking peachy colours, romantic rooms and ruffles galore. Get ready to say goodbye to boring and hello to bold, because this year it’s all about embracing your unique style and letting your creativity shine.

Stone Fruit Shades

Forget the bland beige and dreary grey of years gone by. In 2024 we’re plunging headfirst into a sea of stone fruit shades. Picture the deliciousness of peach, apricot and plum and let’s not forget the savoury fruits, such as avocado and olives.Bedding in these pretty colours, such as our Peach 100% Linen Bed Linen, will add a juicy pop to any space and bring a sense of freshness and energy to your home.

Romantic Rooms

Prepare to swoon because romantic rooms are back. Think lush florals, dreamy pinks , passionate reds and deep purples. Mix in some ornate furniture, vintage pieces and modern accents for a look that’s equal parts elegant and eclectic. We’re moving beyond Barbiecore pink and embracing the romance. You can find more ideas on how to style with pink right here

In With the Old and the New

Who says you have to choose between old and new? This year it’s all about mixing and matching styles to create a space that’s uniquely you. Blend old architecture with new design, or bring vintage pieces into a modern home. Pair natural, organic textures with classic shapes, and don’t be afraid to add a pop of bright colour to traditional furniture. Why not give Granny Grace’s favourite chair a makeover with a Hot Pink Finn 100% Cotton Quilted Cushion Cover. Yummy. It’s all about creating a harmony between the past and the present.

Our Hot Pink 100% Linen bed linen, with Hot Pink Finn 100% cotton quilted throw and cushion cover and Teal Sam stripe throw and cushion cover  on the bed.

Warm Neutrals

Bye bye chilly grey. Hello warm neutrals. Creams, beiges, browns and natural tones are taking centre stage, adding a cosy and inviting feel to any space. From furniture to paint to fabrics, warm neutrals are the perfect canvas for adding bold colours and letting your creativity shine. We love our Café au Lay 100% Linen layered up with some of our Cream and Natural 100% Linen for a simple yet cosy bedtime.

Playful Mixing and Matching

2024 is looking to be very colourful. Yay. Unleash your inner child and get playful. Mix and match bold colours and patterns and don’t be afraid to have a bit of clashing here or there. To discover some secrets to styling patterns at home have a little read of our Bedspread.

Innovative Materials & Sustainable Design

Make an eco-statement by thinking outside the box and choosing something a little different. From cork wall panelling to seaweed as a building material, there’s no shortage of environmentally responsible options to choose from. When it comes to bed linen, hemp and 100% linen both have strong eco-credentials as they need minimal water and pesticides and these crops even add nutrients back to the soil. You can read more about super-star hemp here. 

Bid mass-produced furniture and textiles a fond farewell and embrace one-of-a-kind pieces crafted from upcycled waste. It’s all about making thoughtful choices and embracing a more sustainable way of living. In an effort to make good use of waste fabric we designed some useful storage bagsnapkins and even valances from the off-cuts of our curtain production. Or get crafty and make your own using our Waste Not Want Not Fabric Parcels.   

Personalisation and Character

Your home should tell a story and reflect your personality. Mix and match art, textiles, patterns and furniture to create a space that’s uniquely you. Adios factory art and hello to pieces with a personal touch, picked up from your travels, passed down through family or discovered second-hand. 

Spa-like Bathrooms

Transform your bathroom into a spathroom with earthy tones, minimal clutter and luxurious touches. Why not choose a fluffy  Luxury Cotton Towel or a lightweight Waffle Cotton Towel in your favourite colour, add some ambient lighting and plenty of plants to create a calming haven right in your own home.

Ruffles Everywhere

Add a little whimsy to your space with ruffles galore. From cushions to pillows to table linens, ruffles are making a big comeback in 2024. Mix and match them with stripes, gingham or bold colours for an extra dose of charm. Cobalt Cora Stripe 100% Linen Bed Linen makes quite a bedtime kerfuffle with her glorious bright blue stripes or, for something a little more muted, but still delightfully frilly, there’s always our favourite Rosa throw and the lovely Leah cushion covers.

Our deep Orange Terracotta Super Soft Cotton Bed Linen with Spice Vivienne Quilted Throw on top.

Styled-up Utility

We’re no longer hiding our utility rooms away. Let’s give these spaces the attention they deserve. Design them with the same focus as your kitchen, combining functionality with beauty and innovation.

Curtain Call

Curtains aren’t just for windows. This year they’re doubling as room dividers and covering kitchen cabinets. Embrace the retro look with gingham, stripes and flowers and see curtains add some style and functionality to your space.

So there you have it, folks. There’s something for everyone this year. Let’s make your space your very own with some of these style inspirations. Is it bedtime yet?