A Spotlight on Hemp

If you’re reading this then, like us, you’re probably looking for ways to live more sustainably, be kinder to our planet and make better choices about the things you consume. So let us introduce you to our wonderful 100% Organic Hemp Bed Sheets. They’ve been around for a little while, but we wanted to put them centre stage and shout about just how tremendous they are.

What’s the big deal?

Our hemp sheets look and feel like linen, but hemp is the golden child of fabrics with its fabulous eco credentials. Recognised as one of the world’s most sustainable plants, hemp grows quickly, yields twice the amount of fibre as cotton, doesn’t require any chemicals or pesticides for its growth and uses much less water. We think you’ll agree that all-in-all hemp is pretty perfect.

Why is it great for your bed?

Aside from it being the most excellent choice for the eco-conscious sleeper, there are sooo many fabulous things which make it perfect for bed linen. We love a list, so here’s a really good one about all the fantastic properties it has:

  • It’s breathable. Ideal for bedtimes, because it’ll keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. No more hanging a leg out of bed in summer or snuggling together like penguins in winter.
  • It holds natural antibacterial and antiviral properties so it’s particularly great for those of us with asthma, allergies, or skin conditions.
  • It’s resilient to dirt (hurrah).
  • It’s soft and buttery to touch. So, it’s miles away from the stiff, scratchy fabric you might have imagined it to be.
  • It’s biodegradable and will decompose naturally in soil, so once it’s past its best in many, many, many years to come you won’t have to worry about it going to landfill.

What’s special about our Hemp?

We searched long and hard to find the best hemp for your sheets and we’re delighted to have found the perfect certified organic solution. Not only have we ensured that the fibres are of the highest quality but as with all our bed linen we’ve done our homework to be certain that the entire textile supply chain is up to scratch too. We only want to work with the best suppliers and make sure everyone along the way is treated and paid fairly, so we think you’ll agree that this is a big green tick.

How to care for it

It might be a superhero fabric but don’t worry there’s nothing high maintenance about hemp when it comes to washing. Pop in your machine at 40 degrees, hang on your washing line or drape over your airer and ta-dah, jobs a good ‘un. If you like ironing then go for it, but if you prefer a more relaxed look to your bed (we’re big fans of that here) then pop it straight on your bed and drift off for the comfiest of sleeps. Just like linen and your favourite jeans, hemp gets softer over time, so we promise your hemp sheets will be an everlasting love.

White Organic 100% Hemp Bed Linen

White Organic 100% Hemp Bed Linen

Here’s something special, very “eco friendly” special. This is Hemp.

Hemp is for those that want the feel, super softness, temperature regulating, look and touch of linen but with the peace of mind that comes with choosing a more sustainable fabric.

So why hemp? Hemp yarn comes from the hemp plant. They look and feel like 100% linen, but are better for our planet and that’s a tick in our ‘doing all we can book’.

We have searched under many stones to find this perfect organic fabric and were delighted to introduce it alongside our other white collections for any lucky beds that would like to be more environmentally friendly.

Hemp takes less water to grow than linen, has a natural resistance to disease and can be grown without chemical fertilisation. Great news. Hemp is also biodegradable and decomposes naturally in soil so end of life for this set will do no harm to anyone or anything.

We have made a whole bed dressing collection in this fabulous fabric, so you can dress up for downtime knowing that you have chosen something innovative and sustainable without compromising on quality and feel.

Available in duvet covers, fitted sheets, flat sheets and pillowcases in all sizes, this range will be best friends with you and the planet from first touch.

Washing our Hemp is easy, wash at 40 degrees. Hang to dry flat or in a breeze, and back on the bed. Wrinkles and creases are part of the charm here, so iron if you must, but certainly not required.

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