Winter Styling: Seven Secret Tips for Happy Hibernation

Our Conker Gilbert Bed linen  with Beet Root Lenny throw and cushion cover with a wood panelled wall, with a white bedside table.

As winter settles in, it’s time to get cosy with winter styling.  We spend more time indoors at this time of year, and a good portion of that in bed, so it’s a splendid opportunity to make those necessary winter styling tweaks and transform your space into a perfect winter retreat.  

Our Seven Secret Winter Styling tips

Embrace the Soft Stuff

In the world of winter styling, soft furnishings are your secret weapon for a snug and inviting space.  Invest in fuzzy blankets, cosy cushions and, the pièce de résistance… a thick and heavy quilted throw. Wrap yourself in layers of warmth and softness, making your hibernation spot simply irresistible. 

Warm Colours

Kick out the cold, and welcome warmth with a carefully curated colour palette.  Choose deep, rich tones like conker, darkest spruce and mustard to create a cosy cocoon.  If you normally favour a simple white bed, then consider switching to warm neutrals such as cream or natural for the perfect winter styling, or warm up your white with a selection of earthy-toned accessories.  

Cosy Windows

Windows make an ideal canvas for a dash of winter charm. Dress them with thick, textured curtains, creating a barrier against the cold.  Choose lined or blackout curtains as your ally against dark evenings and pervasive draughts, keeping out the chill and adding winter styling warmth. 

Layer Upon Layer

Can’t decide between an extra linen sheet or additional waffle throw?  Take both!  Layer up your bedding with quilts, sheets and blankets in complementing textures and colours.  It’s not just about sleep, but about having the perfect place to nestle down when you cosy up.  

Texture and Pattern: More is More

Winter styling is all about tactile indulgence.  Mixing patterns and textures adds warmth, depth and a feeling of luxurious excess.  Think waffle weaves, drapey knits and brushed cotton for texture.  Then you can add florals, gingham and geometric designs for a little pattern.  The more the merrier for a cosy winter bedtime.  

Perfectly Plush

There is nothing worse than being cold.  We try to build up an insulating layer before winter arrives (hello kilo tubs of peanut butter eaten with a spoon) but sometimes piling up a stack of bouncy pillows and wrapping yourself in a big thick duvet is the only answer to a cosy bedtime.  A 15 tog duvet stuffed with fluffy feathers or marvellous microfibres will be a heavyweight champion of warmth, sure to keep you toasty on even the coldest night. 

Model smiling while sat on a bed, having fun with a pillow on her head.

A Feast For The Senses

A perfectly styled winter bedroom will tickle not just your tastebuds but all of your senses.  Light a scented candle and pop on your favourite playlist, then satisfy your sense of touch with a layer of the softest brushed cotton in your preferred colour.  And we certainly won’t tell anyone if you decide to bring a sneaky snack into bed with you.  Nobody has to know.   

Using these winter styling tips as a little inspiration, your winter hibernation will be a stylish adventure.  Embrace the warmth, layer on the cosiness and let your home become your very favourite place to be during the chilly months.  Is it bedtime yet?