Styling Pantone’s Colour of the Year: Peach Fuzz

A bed with our Peach 100% Linen Bed Linen with our Reggie Butterscotch stripe 100% cotton cushion cover and throw.

Say hello to Peach Fuzz, Pantone’s fresh and fabulous colour of the year for 2024. Neither pink nor orange, but teetering right on the sweet spot between the two, Peach Fuzz is gentle and comforting and ever so warm. Let’s take a look at how you can incorporate peach into your bedroom décor and get the most from this soft yet upbeat colour.

Peach Fuzz: Getting Warmed Up

The comforting warmth of peach makes it the perfect addition to a modern, stark room that has the potential to feel cold. A throw or pillowcase in a gentle peachy colour will bring an element of cosiness to a white bed and take the chill out of a pale grey bedroom.

Canyon Pink 100% linen bed linen  with pink walls and with Canyon Pink finn 100% cotton quilted throw and Sonny Throw on top.

Delightfully Delicate

Create a peaceful wash of pastels by combining peachy tones with other calm and delicate colours, such as pebble grey, sage or buttercup. This fresh and quirky colour combination is ideal for a child’s bedroom – colourful but without being overwhelming.

Sage Super Soft Cotton bed linen, layered with throws, with a light peach wall in the background.

Go For the Glow

Peach has the magical ability to warm up a space, making it especially ideal for rooms with less natural light. This cosy and nostalgic colour brings a natural glow to the room, creating a welcoming atmosphere that radiates comfort. 

Natural Tones

Peach Fuzz and organic, earthy tones are a match made in design heaven. Try adding some peach into a room filled with wooden furniture or beams, a terracotta tiled floor or neutral bed linen and see how they beautifully complement each other. 

Our deep Orange Terracotta Super Soft Cotton Bed Linen with Spice Vivienne Quilted Throw on top.

Perfectly Peachy Products

The colour of our Peach 100% Linen has been perfected by weaving together certified European flax yarns in off white and a deep fruity orange. As with all our yarn-dyed linens, Peach 100% Linen has such a rich depth of colour which really adds to its beauty. With duvet cover, fitted sheet, pillowcases and even a pretty curtain, this fruity collection is the perfect way to add the warmth and sweetness of peach to your bedtime.

Our Peach 100% linen bed linen with our Butterscotch Reggie Stripe 100% Cotton Throw.

Butterscotch Reggie has brightened up our little bed-making world with his super stripes and delightful textured stitching. Add this pretty throw and matching cushion cover to your bed or sofa for a splash of warm, peachy stripes.

We look forward to seeing this retro colour making a comeback this year and peachy tones popping up as part of even the most modern décor. How will you style your Peach Fuzz?