Seven alternative Christmas trees

Let’s all be honest, nothing quite beats a real Christmas tree… it smells like Christmas, each and every one is unique and we all enjoy the pine needles that seem to just get everywhere!

However this Christmas lots of us will be looking for an alternative whether that’s because of pets, kids, lack of space or just to be that a little bit different to everybody else. We’ve spotted our festive favourites that we’d be more than happy to have instead of the real thing this year.

Hang it up

What’s better than a real Christmas tree? A photo of a real Christmas tree on a beautiful hanging canvas of course


This ‘tree’ is everywhere on Pinterest. Hang your decorations from a ladder and once the festive fun is over use it to hand blankets in the bedroom.

Alternative Christmas Trees. Secret Linen Store,

Stick it on       

A tree that you can put up in seconds… who’d have thought? There’s so many different designs to choose from, you’ll be sure no one else in the family will have the same!

Draw it on

If you’re lucky enough to have a chalkboard wall in the house draw your tree to make it as magical as you want and change it as often as you’d like.

Alternative Christmas Trees. Secret Linen Store


The best thing about this choice… it’s free. Simply take a wander around the woods and pick a branch that’s screaming out for a little sparkl


Pallets are easily picked up from local businesses and make a great choice for an upcycled Christmas tree. Stand it on its own or hang it on the wall – either way it’s definitely original.

Alternative Christmas Trees. Secret Linen Store

Light it up

If you have no space on the floor then use your walls to create a tree silhouette out of your fairy lights.

Alternative Christmas Trees. Secret Linen Store.

Are you converted or sticking with your traditional tree this year? We're still undecided (yes even at this late stage!) but wouldn't it be nice to try something different.

Let us know what you think in the comments, we do love a chat.

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