Brown paper for Christmas

wrappingI know I am supposed to be working, but my mind is wondering to all of the jobs that I have to do before the big day. One of them is wrapping. The task is actually something that I look forward to, I always make my own, and this year I will use the super and versatile brown paper. At the Secret Linen Store, we use brown paper lots .Its often recycled, which is good..and we love the way it looks and feels.

Here are some ideas that I found over on our friend Pinterest. Such a great place to look for ideas, and get lost in inspiring images and colour. Be Creative and have fun. Have you been to see us on Pinterest?

be careful though...someone one said to me that they need a Pinterest day in each week, and its true..easy to get lost there for a while!

These images came from Pinterest..via,,,

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