Apple cross and Bealach na Ba

scotland4I have just celebrated a big birthday, that ended in 0...not feeling so different at the moment, but it's a milestone that needed to be marked!

I’m also lucky to share my birthday with my bestest of friends, so we decided to head off on an adventure...Our first idea was to go to Iceland, but in January it seemed a bit touch and go due to the weather, so instead we went to Scotland ( where is was a bit touch and go due to the weather)

Thanks to Easy jet, we flew to Inverness for the same price as 2 coffees and a croissant at Luton Airport.

We jumped in a 4x4 volvo ( which is now on my wish list ) and embarked on a road trip around Loch Ness and the Western coast of the highlands. It had snowed the day before, and everywhere was a perfect white wonderland.My friend had made the plans, and booked the hotels, and the sat nav told us where to go, so all I had to do was point the car in the right direction (it was an automatic ) and enjoy the view.

I’m in love, that’s for sure, and I will be back just as soon as I can ..maybe when it is a bit warmer.


Day 2 we set off from Loch Ness for Apple Cross. We lunched in Plokton on Mackerel and looked at the Isle of Skye. Quite amazing. We then proceeded to the Apple Cross Inn, at Apple Cross.


Now, the journey looked simple, not very far at all...but what we had not factored in was Bealach na Ba..which is the highest pass in Scotland, and certainly not for the faint hearted, even in fine weather. It was grey as we reached the bottom, but clear of snow, and the snow gates were open, so we set off (the other option was 7 miles to the beginning of a 24 mile single coast track, which wasn't appealing )..all went well for about 10 mins, and then as we climbed the weather came in , and really soon it was white! EVERYWHERE...I will cut the story short as it was not something that I am proud of, but it ended with a rescue truck, and a spade. The worst bit was that I was wearing a dress (what a Wally).


This is how it looks in the summer...

Once we were back at sea level, where we had begun, we set off for the long coast route to Apple cross...when we got there, it was dark, there was a fire, and we were very very happy.


This place was incredible, so remote, and so hidden, yet packed full in the evening, and with the most incredible menu of seafood all pulled from the sea that day.


If you are ever in Scotland, be sure to spend a night at the Apple Cross Inn. The journey, the food and the comfy cosy room will make it a stay to remember. Don’t take the Bealach na Ba route if it is snowing, and I cant say that loud enough...but do go, and enjoy it.

I cant wait to return in the summer.


robinHave you been ? Share you tales of Bealach na Ba. I would love to hear.


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